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About Company

Our Core Values

We are experts in creating systems that generate and nurture highly qualified leads. That takes ideas, know-how, and lots of hard work. But it also takes commitment to core values. For us, there are four that provide the foundation, the fuel, and accountability our work needs.

  • We are relationship focused.
    We desire to work with and for extremely gifted, focused, kind, hard working people to achieve our common goals, and we believe that the way we serve our clients is a reflection of the way we treat each other.
  • We are all about results.
    The way we’re able to have the most impact on our clients’ business is through creating systems that regularly generate highly qualified leads. Any goal short of that isn’t good enough.
  • We are visionaries.
    We’re constantly evaluating where the market is heading, and which tools and approaches will create the best lead development results. You can trust us to solve today’s problems and also the ones that come up years from now.
  • We are constantly improving.
    It is a practical focus on the future that constantly brings new challenges and opportunities into view, forcing us to be constant learners who are capable of solving complex problems.

Unique Ability

We focus on working with one another to understand and discover what our unique strengths are. As we each grow and evolve, the unique ability of Newfangled as a whole evolves. We maintain a constant focus on maximizing our collective gifts so that we can give them to you.

Due to our own curiosity, and the quality, concentration, and volume of our clients, we’re constantly learning more, going deeper, and reinventing ourselves as we model to our clients the ways in which they can reinvent themselves, too.

We’re always looking for people who want share in our mission to build better businesses through the work that we do.