JobRack provides a significant value to people seeking to work and hire worldwide with an accent on Eastern Europe. Being a part of this transformation of where and how work gets done is extremely rewarding. This inherently creates a strong sense of work-life-balance since location and daily hours are very flexible. JobRack has huge potential to compete with UpWork. Highly recommended!

Aleksandra Cugalj

Excellent job market. Providing genuine care and comfort for freelancers. First class for these guys.

Igor Pejcic

JobRack is great! I spent a lot of time searching for jobs on other similar sites but had no bigger luck, but just the other day, I applied for the first time for a job on JobRack and within few days I got myself an interview and got the job! Thank you so much! I advise everybody to visit the site and give it a try (of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get the job this quickly every time, but then again, it's up to you, your knowledge, your cover letters and so on.) Thank you again, JobRack!

Hrvoje Merdzo