Introduction: How to Hire Remotely

Introduction: How to Hire Remotely

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Throughout this guide, I’m going to explain the key things you should think about before you hire a new addition to your team.

As you follow the steps of this guide, you’ll learn the most effective ways to hire and different options for each of the key stages. This way, you’ll be able to find the right approach for you.

You’ll be fully informed and prepared to hire your next role and crucially, you’ll know how much time you need to set aside to get the result you want.

Finally, you’ll also understand how to get help for some, or all of the hiring process, depending on your available time and energy!

Need more help?

Wherever you are in the hiring process, if you have questions or want to have a chat about getting started or getting help to hire your next role, then get in touch and I’ll help. You can book a call with me using this link or if you’d like to send an email then click here.

Now, let’s start.

You might be surprised that much of what we’re going to cover is well before you actually start to hire. This is intentional.

Only by knowing what you need can you hope to make a good job of hiring someone.

So, let’s start with the first step of the hiring process: Do you really need to hire?.




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