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Helpful and Friendly Hiring

At JobRack, 'Helpful and Friendly Hiring' is more than just a tagline - it's our guiding principle and is at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in building lasting relationships and supporting you in building a remote team that you really love.

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Noel Andrews, CEO

I’ve built my own high-performing team so we can help you hire yours.

Hiring is hard, so it’s crucial that you get help from people you trust. People that really understand the person you want to hire and really care about your hiring success.

If you get a good feeling when you watch the video above, then maybe we can work together.

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From Startup to Success: The JobRack Journey

Since JobRack was founded in 2015, we have always focused on helping businesses hire the very best remote team members. The remote hiring world is changing constantly, so we do too.

We're real people and we focus on holding your hand throughout the hiring process, even when it gets a bit sweaty!

Noel also does a LOT of hyper-casual Loom videos at every step of the way too!


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Hiring real team members

We believe that businesses grow best through real team members committed to helping them grow.

Not freelancers, not laptop-toting nomads on the beach, but real team members.

So we built our team to help you build yours.

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Working with you was seamless

Working with the team at JobRack was seamless. They found us two amazing hires and we’re thrilled.

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Sori Ptalis
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Meet Our Team

Get to know the talented individuals behind our success.

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Founder and CEO

debra debra


Head of Recruitment

teo teo


Hiring Success Manager

ajsa ajsa


Operations Assistant

brani brani



jas jas



esther esther


Recruitment Partner

marcel marcel


Sourcing Specialist

sandra sandra



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Our Journey So Far: Milestones and Achievements

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Austin Netzley
CEO, 2x.co

From an ROI perspective, from a time perspective, it's a no brainer. Invest in hiring with JobRack and you'll be so glad that you did

2015 - Founded

Founded by two fans of Eastern European developers to help business owners hire great people from Eastern Europe.

2018 - Reborn

Noel bought JobRack and focused on bringing the power of Eastern European team members to even more businesses.

2020 - Helping you hire

Introduced our Done With You hiring service to give business owners the help they needed to hire the right team members.

2023 - Expansion

Expanded to include South Africa as a source of amazing remote talent. Incredible talent with many of the same great qualities and benefits as Eastern Europe.

JobRack Team Retreat

Checkout the video from our latest team retreat

Real team members

We’re real people, having fun as a team, to help our clients hire their own awesome team members.

We pride ourselves on finding the very best candidates for your roles and we like to make friends with the people we work with too.

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