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Helping You Scale Your Business

We hired our first full-time Eastern European developer in January, 2015 - from then on - this person alone had added $400,000 to our bottom line (in less than 2 years).

For a long time, we had been hiring for super-cheap from places like Philippines - but lack of consistency and specific skill-set meant we had to move away.

Even hiring from India/Pakistan worked for a while - till we realized that missed deadlines was costing us more than we were making.

An obvious choice was to pay more, and make more.

So we did. We hired from the US and UK - but you cannot be porfitable or scalable paying someone between $50 and $100 per hour.

So we moved closer to home (Eastern Europe) and found highly skilled talent for between $3 and $20 per hour (depending on the position).

Now 75% of our team comes from this part of the world - Ukraine, Serbia, Bosnia, Georgia, Estonia and more.

Here's the thing though - we weren't the only one struggling...

Other businesses I spoke with had failed to scale their business by hiring in Philippines (employee churn rate) and India (missed deadlines).

They were looking for alternatives - so JobRack.eu was born - the ONLY platform online where you can find skilled workers from Eastern Europe - be it developers, designers, virtual assistants, content writers or more

We have created opportunities for jobseekers in Eastern European countries - interestingly one of our customers, who lives in Ukraine, overheard students talking about JobRack at University.

That's how far we go to find good talent.



To break open highly skilled, intelligent autonomous working Eastern European employee market for digital businesses and provide easy access to this affordable workforce



Our vision is a fully integrated Eastern European workforce into the digital new-age work environment easily accessed by Companies world wide both helping small and mid-sized companies innovate quickly and raise the standard of living in Eastern European countries!


If you have any questions about JobRack or how it works - send us an email and schedule a call.