Branchburg United States


About Company

Emercury is an innovative company looking to change the email industry and we believe we can do it. We are a rapidly growing company that provides email marketers an easy to use platform for converting leads into customers.

A little about our culture

Respecting one another. This includes our customers, vendors, partners, and family.

Innovation. Always looking to create new things. When the world says it can’t be done we strive to prove them wrong. 

Thirst for improvement. Always Striving to learn more whether it be through training, personal education or business education.  

Fairness. We are big on this. Fairness to our customers. We don’t cheat even if it increases revenue. When we need to make a decision first think, is this fair. 

Availability. Always being available to our team and our customers as well as our vendors and partners always being available to us. Whether it be by SMS or email or chat. 

Trust & Reliability. We are a small company so we need to trust each other and be able to rely on each other to make sure we are all doing our part. Take ownership. Don’t point figures. 

Fun. Remember to have fun. Work doesn’t always have to be a chore. It should be fun. 

If you think you can fit within our company culture we want to hear from you.