GreenTomatoMedia Limited

Open to remote Thailand

About Company

GreenTomatoMedia is a digital marketing company based in Chiang Mai, in Thailand. Unlike traditional digital marketing agencies, we don't work with clients, which means that our websites, mobile apps and YouTube channels are our own. We generate the revenue thanks to the affiliation. Here are the main activities of GreenTomatoMedia :

  • MOBILE APPLICATIONS with a portfolio of 50+ apps downloaded 20+ million times.
  • MEDIA with a network of 1500+ websites in 8 languages with more than 1 million high-value visitors per month in different thematics (Finance, Crypto, iGaming) & a few fast-growing Youtube Channel like MoneyRadar & CaptainCaz & GambleMojo
  • BOOK PUBLISHING with more than 100 books and millions of monthly page read.
  • E-COMMERCE with a luxury hairstyling tool brand and a few other smaller brands :, & ChefsDeFrance.