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Executive Assistant [CLOSED]

Full Time 1200.00 - 1800.00 USD Type: Monthly

Blockrhythmic is a dynamic and thriving blockchain/crypto trading company that has been making waves in the industry. With a strong focus on capital growth and innovation, they have set themselves apart from the competition.

Instead of catering to external customers, Blockrhythmic operates solely with their own capital, allowing them the freedom to pursue groundbreaking strategies. This approach has propelled them to achieve remarkable success, marked by parabolic growth over the past few years.

The future holds even greater possibilities as Blockrhythmic continues to expand and explore new horizons. With an unwavering commitment to growth, they are always on the lookout for fresh opportunities and ideas that can push the boundaries of what's possible in the blockchain industry.

Joining Blockrhythmic means becoming part of an international collaboration, where focused communication is the key to success. The team thrives in an environment that strikes a balance between professionalism and personal connection. With a small, results-oriented team, the company values hard work, high achievement, drive, and creativity above all else.

The work atmosphere at Blockrhythmic can be summed up in three words: intensity, dedication, and thinking outside of the box. As a team member, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a culture that fosters innovation and encourages you to push your limits.

As the Executive Assistant, you will play a pivotal role in optimizing the personal and business life of the company's owner, allowing them to fully focus on growing and expanding the business.

In this role, you will:

  • Organize travel arrangements, including finding suitable flights, booking accommodations, and coordinating logistics.
  • Coordinate with external contacts, such as business partners and stakeholders, to schedule meetings and ensure smooth interactions.
  • Assist with personal life management.
  • Implement efficient solutions for shipping personal belongings or important items between cities.
  • Manage payments, expense audits, and invoice processing to maintain financial accuracy and timeliness.
  • Collaborate with the owner to develop streamlined processes for complex tasks, taking detailed notes during discussions and transforming them into actionable steps.
  • Assist in the hiring process for new team members or freelancers, ensuring the selection of individuals who can carry out tasks effectively.
  • Act as a sounding board and support system, allowing the owner to delegate and offload tasks, both personally and professionally, in order to focus on high-value activities.

During the onboarding process, you will work closely with the owner to understand their preferences, priorities, and work style, enabling you to become an indispensable partner in their journey toward success.

This is a part-time role to start, with a minimum of 20 hours per week, and has the potential to transition into a full-time position. Working hours will primarily be on weekdays, with the possibility of additional tasks and communication on busy weekends or during the owner's holidays. Flexibility and willingness to adapt to the owner's schedule are highly valued.

Specific overlap hours will be discussed with potential candidates to ensure alignment with the owner's availability, preferably during the Australian afternoon.

To excel in this role, you need to have:

  • 2+ years of experience in a similar role as an assistant, demonstrating a track record of managing a busy individual's personal and business life.
  • Proficiency in utilizing task management and reminder tools to ensure efficient and organized workflow.
  • Excellent communication skills, with a meticulous approach to understanding instructions and messages.
  • Demonstrated initiative and autonomy, willing to take on additional tasks beyond assigned responsibilities.
  • Proven ability to make trustworthy decisions independently, even in high-stress situations.
  • Strong creative and outside-the-box thinking skills, bringing innovative solutions to the table.
  • A good sense of humour, appreciating both conventional and unconventional humour as a means of decompressing during challenging times.

Brownie points for:

  • Willingness and ability to travel when needed, particularly during extended trips or events in Europe. All travel expenses will be covered, providing an exciting opportunity for personal and professional growth.
  • Past experience in a project manager position or managing other staff to allow scope for extra responsibility at a later stage.

What’s in it for you?

  • Competitive Compensation: Monthly salary range of 1200 to 1800 USD for full-time opportunity, financial stability, and recognition for your contribution.
  • Flexible Work Arrangement: Begin with a part-time position (20 hours per week) that offers a work-life balance, with the potential for growth into a full-time role.
  • Travel Opportunities: Experience the excitement of accompanying the CEO during trips to Europe, where you can contribute your skills and knowledge while exploring new places.
  • Learning and Development: Gain exposure to the world of blockchain and technology, as the company offers opportunities for you to expand your knowledge in these areas.

*Please note that this is a gross salary and that you are responsible for any tax-related procedures in your country of residence. We kindly ask you to apply only if you are happy to work remotely as an independent contractor.

This job opening is actively seeking the perfect candidate and will close once found. To ensure your application is considered, take the time to carefully read the job description and submit a high-quality application that stands out.

JobRack has been contracted by Blockrhythmic to support them in their hiring process on their behalf.

As part of this, the JobRack team has gained a full understanding of the needs of Blockrhythmic and will review, filter, screen, and test candidates in line with this.

Candidates that best meet the needs of Blockrhythmic will be submitted as part of a final shortlist. Feedback will be provided throughout the process.

At the request of Blockrhythmic applications for this position must be submitted through JobRack and direct contact with the employer is not desired. If you have any questions, please contact JobRack at: olivera@jobrack.eu

The hiring process for this position will include the following steps:

  1. Completing the application form on JobRack.
  2. Recording a short video introduction of yourself.
  3. If shortlisted, completing test tasks.
  4. Attending video interviews to discuss your previous experience and the new role in more detail.

In case you are applying for a full-time role: Please note that this position requires 100% commitment and is not suitable for those seeking a side job, freelance work, or part-time employment. It is important to only apply if you intend this to be your primary and only full-time job. Any attempts to work multiple full-time jobs without the knowledge of your employer may result in termination and a ban from applying to other jobs on the JobRack site.

– Only candidates from Eastern Europe are eligible to apply –

To make sure you receive updates on your application please add olivera@jobrack.eu to your email address book. Got questions about working remotely? Check out JobRack’s FAQ for answers to everything you might want to know. https://jobrack.eu/jobseeker-faq


Blockrhythmic is a dynamic and thriving blockchain/crypto trading company that has been making waves in the industry. With a strong focus on capita...

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