JobRack Jobseeker FAQ

Three Key things:

  • Include a picture (an actual photo of yourself)
  • Add your skills - the more the better
  • Have a great profile description

In your profile description you should include what kind of a person you are, what’s your past experience, some projects you worked on before, and jobs you’d like to do now! Highlight the skills that you have and as we’ve said above make sure you add all relevant skills so we can match you to great jobs.

Any job you think it’s great for you! Always make sure you read the whole job description before applying, and if you think you would be a perfect fit for them, feel free to apply!

That's a question no one can answer. You might get lucky and get hired on your first application, or you might send many more applications before you get hired. That's up to you, how persistent are you, how you make your profile, what skill set you have and what are you continue to learn.

We always advise our job seekers to stay persistent and not give up, because sooner or later someone will recognize you as their perfect fit!

We have real people reviewing all job adverts that come to us. If we find someone who is not trustworthy we review it with them directly. The vast majority of employers are known to us or someone in our network. We are always working to connect you with good, stable and high-quality companies. We have NEVER had a trust issue between our workers and any of our employers. We are always here to help if you ever have any concerns.

No. There are no fees at all for job seekers. Registration is completely free - we do not charge anything to job seekers! Not even when you close the deal and get a great job!

That’s up to you to arrange with your employer. We have a number of recommendations that we know work well for many Eastern Europeans and that’s for you to agree with your new employer. We don’t handle payments, we don’t charge commissions, everything you agree with your employer you get directly, in full.

Quite simply, you’ll get found out. It’s not worth it. We have real people checking every single profile that exists on our database, if we find that you’ve lied on your profile then we’ll simply delete your profile and you’ll lose out on the chance to get great remote jobs with great employers.

Our employers want trustworthy high quality workers. There’s never a need to lie, they’ll like you for who you are.

Please always be honest with information on your profile. It doesn’t matter if you are not an expert in the field, there are many companies looking for newbies as well as more experienced people.

Since we are a platform strictly for job seekers from Eastern Europe the best way for you to verify your country of origin is to submit your government ID.

We do not keep that information - once we review it, we destroy it right after. When you submit your government ID for verification and get approved, you will receive a little check mark next to your name, and that will tell employers that you are 100% verified and trustworthy.

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