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Remote work allows workers to work outside of a traditional office environment. When you work remotely, you can choose the way that is the most suitable for you. You will decide where your working space will be - home, a coworking space, or something else.

That's up to you. The main thing is to be organized and have a quiet place to work to concentrate and do your work. Many remote employees work from their homes, co-work spaces, or nearby cafés.

Just remember you need to work just as hard as a 'normal' job. You have more freedom to choose where from and sometimes when you work.

You can design your day, and you are the creator of your personal and professional achievements. One of the excellent remote work advantages is flexibility, as you have the freedom to choose where you will work the next day. The main argument for remote work is higher productivity.

You can find great jobs with employers that specifically want to hire great people from Eastern Europe. They want to benefit from the strong education, the hard skills, and the excellent communication skills that come with people from Eastern Europe. We are the first platform with remote jobs for job seekers from Eastern Europe.

We also send you an email every Friday with great jobs for you. Employers can browse your profile, and an employer can invite you to apply for their position. Your competition is lower than on other platforms as our employers are only hiring job seekers from Eastern Europe.

We help business owners to find great remote hires from Eastern Europe. They can post a job advertisement, or they can use our hiring services to help them hire.

We help them apply to the best remote jobs for jobseekers and help them with advice and tips on applying, interviewing, and getting great remote jobs.

When you use our search feature, you can search by keywords or select the job category, type, or salary type to optimize your search.

Here at JobRack, we have all kinds of jobs available. We have categories including Developer Jobs, Designer Jobs, Project Management Jobs, Support jobs, Content Writer Jobs, Virtual Assistant Jobs, and SEO Jobs. Within those categories, there exist many roles.

Yes, these are real jobs. Every job post is reviewed by the JobRack team before it goes live. We make sure that the salary is suited for the position and we confirm employers' information before we publish job posts. You can always find some company information on their profile too. Also, no one will ever ask you to pay anything to apply.

Your first step is to register on JobRack, verify your email address, and your completeprofile. When your profile is accepted, you will be ready to apply for jobs.

We know that you trust the numbers. Over 500 Eastern Europeans successfully placed into great jobs with employers all over the world

We advise you to consider the following steps to craft a professional profile that makes you stand out to employers:

  • Make sure to include details about your skills, your experience, and your interests within your profile. Make sure you have the skills relevant to the industry you are qualified for including more general skills.
  • Include any achievements relevant to your career or that highlight your passions.
  • Here are some more great tips on how to fill in your profile

You can optimize your profile by using keywords. Employer's on the JobRack platform will use keywords. This means that employers will search for the best candidates by keywords. You want your profile on the list. You can also add your projects and accomplishments in the portfolio section.

JobRack is a platform for Eastern European jobseekers, and therefore, the only countries we have listed on our signup are countries from this region.

If you have problems uploading your profile picture, try another picture format, i.e., jpg. If the problem isn't solved, please get in touch with us using the Live Chat in the lower right corner of the site or click here to email us

Create a great profile with lots of details about you to attract great employers. Complete all the mandatory fields (just a few) and submit for moderation.

This can be tricky. Probably you are using a quick apply feature, and your email has been used before. Try resetting your password and logging in. If you can't solve it, contact our support team.

This is a standard procedure that we have to ensure the quality of jobseekers and profiles on JobRack. When you complete all the mandatory fields, your profile will be submitted for moderation. Once we've reviewed it, we'll approve it and notify you. It should take you just 5-10 minutes to complete your profile then we’ll normally review and approve within just 24 hours.

Simply follow the instructions on how to apply in the job post. Do not attempt to contact them directly. They don't appreciate that.

For most positions, you will have instructions provided in the job description. Employers will normally use the apply button as the first step in the application process.

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to delete already sent messages on JobRack. The primary advice is to check your grammar and typos before sending. If you make a mistake and send it, send a follow-up message explaining and correcting your mistake.

No, your profile remains until you delete it or choose to mark yourself as inactive.

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