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Copywriter & Digital Marketer

Part Time 10.00 - 15.00 USD Type: Hourly

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Heather Shannon is a certified sex therapist and licensed mental health professional who runs a business that focuses on sexual wellness coaching. She offers clients personalised guidance and support to help them build healthy relationships and overcome obstacles to their sexual well-being. By working to shift the culture around sexuality and reduce stigma and shame, Heather's business is part of a growing movement that promotes sexual health and positivity.

If you're looking for a fulfilling career that involves helping clients explore their sexuality and build fulfilling relationships, you'll be excited to know that Heather’s business offers personalized coaching packages, a podcast "Ask a Sex Therapist," a vlog on her website, and even more exciting offerings in the works! Heather is dedicated to providing clients with the resources they need to improve their sexual well-being and achieve their goals.

Although Heather is currently the only one running the show with the help of her web and multimedia team, who knows what the future holds! One thing is for sure, Heather is committed to producing high-quality work and creating a progressive culture where talking about sex is normal and accepted, so if you're cool with talking about sex in a professional context, this might just be the job for you! Heather is looking for someone who's independent, has great critical thinking skills, and is always eager to learn and grow. With access to approximately thousands of online courses related to business, there's always room to expand your skill set and take your career to the next level!

Heather Shannon is seeking an experienced and talented Copywriter & Digital Marketer to join her business.

In this role, you'll work hand-in-hand with Heather to craft landing pages, email sequences, and social media campaigns that drive traffic and generate leads. It's up to you to create compelling copy that captures the business’ voice and resonates with the audience, while also designing eye-catching visuals that grab attention and communicate key messages effectively.

In addition to writing effective copy, some of your other responsibilities may require you to:

  • Organise media contacts and manage guest bookings for Heather’s “Ask a Sex Therapist” podcast
  • Listen to the podcast and pull quotes and ideas for social media posts/reels/carousels with clear calls to action
  • Monitor social media trends and provide ideas on how to apply them to the business’ niche for creative marketing campaigns
  • Write weekly email newsletters with engaging subject lines and clear calls to action
  • Go through HARO emails to identify opportunities for media features and public relations
  • Create a landing page for using Leadpages or in conjunction with the web team, and integrate Stripe payment software for seamless transactions
  • Write pitches and pitch top podcasts to have Heather featured as a guest expert
  • Work with the web team to make updates to the website
  • Create an attractive sexual resources list in Canva, and set up sales on relevant platforms
  • If you’d be able to analyse campaign performance and use data to optimise your approach - that would be considered a plus!

Heather will be there to guide you every step of the way, providing you with plenty of training videos and support to help you excel in the role. You’ll have daily check-ins during your first week and as you get a hang of things, you’ll gradually move to weekly check-ins.

You will also have an access to a ton of online courses on marketing and business. The goal is to help you grow and develop your skills, and Heather will work with you to set achievable goals and build a career path that fits your passions and interests.

If you’re excited to make a real impact in Heather’s business and help promote a positive and progressive message in the field of sexual wellness, read on!

We're looking for someone highly organised and detail-oriented, with a keen eye for design and a passion for innovation and experimentation.

More specifically, you need to have the following skills:

  • Ability to write extremely effective copy that converts into sales
  • Professionalism and maturity in a work environment; this includes the ability to communicate effectively, maintain a positive attitude in the face of challenges, and handle confidential information with discretion and sensitivity. Heather’s business is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment where everyone feels valued and heard
  • Excellent time management skills, with the ability to effectively balance and prioritise tasks to meet deadlines.
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance - we need someone who can proactively communicate when their plate is already full and prioritise tasks accordingly
  • Familiarity with basic tools such as Google Suite (or more specifically, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Forms, among others)
  • Strategic thinking and ability to offer ideas for improvement
  • Orientation towards growth and learning
  • A sex-positive attitude and an interest in learning about sexual health
  • Ability to demonstrate confidence and capability to work independently and efficiently
  • Proficiency in designing landing pages using Leadpages or similar platforms

Bonus skills that would be highly desirable for this role include:

  • Proficiency in analytics, to help track and optimise marketing campaigns and improve overall performance
  • Paid ads expertise, with the ability to build effective paid ad funnels and drive more leads and conversions
  • Advanced skills in MailChimp and Zapier, to help streamline and automate email marketing and other business processes
  • Video or audio editing skills, to help the team in charge of content creation if necessary

Our ideal candidate is someone confident and capable of finding answers quickly and efficiently without being too dependent on constant guidance, but also someone who is not afraid to ask questions when necessary. If this sounds like you, go ahead and apply!

What’s in it for you?

  • $10 - $15* per hour
  • Fully remote role
  • Part-time work with 20 hours per week
  • Working hours that align with morning Eastern Time, which would mean working around 2 PM to 6 PM EET. As long as you’re communicating well and the tasks are completed on time, there is potential for more flexibility!
  • Access to thousands of dollars worth of business courses Heather has purchased from well-known experts over the years
  • Opportunities for growth and expanded responsibilities as the business grows
  • Possibility of becoming an Integrator to the Visionary or managing someone else, based on the Rocket Fuel concept by Gino Wickman (click here to learn about this concept and take the quiz).

*Please note that this is a gross salary and that you are responsible for any tax-related procedures in your country of residence. We kindly ask you to apply only if you are happy to work remotely as an independent contractor.

This position will be closed as soon as we find the perfect match. So, make sure to read the description carefully, apply promptly, and take your time to submit a high-quality application that stands out.

If you apply, JobRack will respond promptly and keep you updated throughout the process.

Please expect the hiring process to include:

1 - Filling in the application form once you click “Apply”

2 - Being invited to record a short video to introduce yourself

3 - Completing test tasks, if short-listed

4 - Attending video interviews where you will have the opportunity to talk more about your previous experience and the new role

Applications are only accepted through JobRack. Heather Shannon has specifically requested that you do not contact her directly. If you have any questions please contact us using olivera@jobrack.eu

– Only candidates from Eastern Europe are eligible to apply –

To make sure you receive updates on your application please add recruitment@jobrack.eu to your email address book.

Got questions about working remotely? Check out JobRack’s FAQ for answers to everything you might want to know. https://jobrack.eu/jobseeker-faq

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Heather Shannon

Heather Shannon is a certified sex therapist and licensed mental health professional who runs a business that focuses on sexual we...

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