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VA for Vig [CLOSED]

Part Time Negotiable

Travel Planning English - speaking English - writing

About the company

I’m an American entrepreneur from the state of Virginia.

These days, I’m nomadic and spend most months somewhere in Europe. 

I used to be a classroom English teacher in Prague. 

A few years ago, I put my method online.

Now, my students find me through an online ad, then attend a free class, then a paid course, then join a membership program. 

About the role

Your job will be to take care of the daily and weekly repeating details of this business so I can focus on teaching, writing and creating new products.

This is a 100% remote, part-time job. You can work any hours you like, as long as the tasks are completed on time. 


You’ll have daily, weekly and sometimes-tasks.

These include:

  • posting to Facebook, the members' area, my blog
  • updating dates and times inside the funnel software
  • editing video (size, subtitles), images (size, dimensions), sound (quality)
  • making travel arrangements
  • substitute customer service (responding to customer emails when the regular customer service person is sick or on vacation)

About you

Detail Oriented: You follow instructions carefully. You can spot mistakes others overlook.

Responsible, dependable, consistent, no surprises, no recurring life drama.

Clear, direct communicator: If you don’t know how to do something, you’ll tell me. If you don’t understand something, you’ll tell me. 

Experienced: You’ve done similar jobs before.

Software and skills: you should already know how to use and do the following. For the rest, you can learn. 

  • zoom - setting up large meetings, fixing problems
  • Google business suite - sheets, forms, etc.
  • editing - video, audio, images (size, length, quality, subtitles)

What's in it for you?

This is a 100% remote, part-time job. You can work any hours you like, as long as the tasks are completed on time. 

If you're the right person for this job, we will agree on a salary that makes you happy. 

How to apply?

Please follow the steps below carefully and exactly. 

  1. Send me an email. . Use the email address provided in my company profile  
  2. In the email, in a few sentences, tell me how you learned English
  3. Write the email in Verdana 12pt. font
  4. In the email subject line, write: VA for Vig
  5. Attach your CV as a pdf

If everything looks good, I’ll contact you within a week to continue to the next steps: a video interview. 

Thanks for looking,

Mr. Vig

Better English means a better life. Sadly, the old methods are broken and most schools and teachers can't help their students or simply don't care....

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