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Go+React Developer [CLOSED]

Full Time 3000.00 - 6000.00 USD Type: Monthly

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Advanced... ReactJS GOLang Mysql / MariaDB

Are you interested in becoming a valuable part of a small brilliant team, where your efforts, your research into new technologies and the innumerable hours you’ve spent on your craft actually count?

How about a company that wants to keep you happy and engaged, while you grow your skills and experience from the level of junior developer to that of a medium-level then senior developer and beyond?

Would you like to be more than just a number, but instead have your friends and co-workers personally depending on you to successfully design and push vital updates and add new features?

We are a small but brilliant team, looking to add one more. Personally led by the owners with several decades of combined experience in both software engineering and marketing, we are building exciting software in the advertising analytics and automation space. Company management is closely involved and makes sure that only the most vital and strategic development projects are handled by our tight development team.

Of our small team, one of our developers started straight from a college-level bootcamp and has moved up to undisputed medium-level and toward senior developer status. We’ve been able to make this personal progress while building software that employs advanced techniques to analyze, tune, tweak and otherwise manage the advertising budgets of our rapidly growing customer base. Some of our customers are small, some are large, but we work hard to please them all and strive to be at the top of our game and industry, and are making headway each day.

We are in a position to take on one more developer at this time. We have a presence in Clearwater, FL as well as Los Angeles, CA. Availability for on-site/in-person work is preferred but we're open to accepting a remote position after review.

If you are interested in staying a junior developer forever, because you don’t want to take on more responsibility, then please don’t apply for this position. If you think you could progress to medium-level or senior developer status with a bit of coaching and some experience, we might be the perfect place for you.

Our back end development is done in Go, giving an opportunity to work on cutting edge technology and hone your server-side skills. For the front end we use React.js, a common standard for JS user interfaces. We use MySQL for database storage.

Most important is that you have skill and experience with software development, an understanding of core concepts, either experience with or can pick up Go and React.js, a burning desire to continue learning and master your craft, and are able to play nice with others. (Please, jerks need not apply.)


Samurai Seller

Samurai Seller is a small but exciting startup, building software in the advertising analytics and automation space, with a particular focus on sal...

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