Samurai Seller

Clearwater, Florida United States

About Company

Samurai Seller is a small but exciting startup, building software in the advertising analytics and automation space, with a particular focus on sales through Amazon.

What makes Samurai Seller different?

  • Personally led by the owners with several decades of combined experience in both software engineering and marketing

  • Company management is closely involved and makes sure that development is strategic and focused.

  • You'll work with be guided and helped by other developers who want to see you grow and succeed.  We're a small team, and we all help each other get things done and learn in the process.

  • We want you to become more experienced and be learning as a developer.  Nobody here is bored or only does the exact same type of work.  We know the value of keeping people interested, engaged and productive.

If you are a developer and are excited about taking on a new project, learning along the way, and working with others who feel the same way, Samurai Seller is the place for you.