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Executive Operations Assistant [CLOSED]

Full Time 1000.00 - 1800.00 GBP Type: Monthly

Admin Assistant Email Management Travel Planning Social Media support...

Executive Operations Assistant

Snowball Creations

The role in a second

This role is perfect for someone organised and detail-oriented who loves taking ownership and getting things ticked off their to-do list. I’m looking for a ‘Jack of all trades’ type; self-motivated, organised, structured and disciplined, to become a long term executive assistant.

Your responsibilities will include various admin tasks within a busy agency, including supporting the agency’s owner (Me, Max), with sales and marketing efforts, as well as diary management and travel planning as needed.

You will be in charge of the behind-the-scenes of the company, making sure it runs smoothly in order to serve its clients and grow in size. The perfect candidate for this role will be raring to go with making the company and its people efficient and organised. They will take pride in making this happen.

Should you be successful, you’ll be joining an award winning, premium UK-based paid ads agency. You’ll be working closely with highly intelligent and talented people. This will mean that not only will you progress as a professional yourself; as we grow and learn as a team, but also you will live a great life and enjoy coming to work each day.

Video Summary by Max:


Job specifications

Title: Executive operations assistant

Location: Remote, within 5 hours of London time zone (GMT or BST)

Time required: This is a full time, contracted role

Salary: Monthly contract of between £1,000 and £1,800 depending on starting proficiency and relevant experience.

The story

Snowball Creations is a paid ads agency, specialising in brands that make the world better. There’s a core team of 4 full time members. You can read more about them on our teams page of the site. The agency primarily works with Google, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads. It also sometimes uses TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest and others.

We’re extremely good at what we do, with a very high success rate.

Our agency paid ads team has grown significantly but currently it’s only myself (Max) that looks after the vast majority of the sales and marketing, with a little outside help.

Where do you fit in?

I’m looking for someone to come in as my trusted executive assistant, ready and willing to take charge of a wide variety of work. Working alongside me the vast majority of the time. Trying to save me time and work wherever possible so that I can invest more of my time into higher return activities.

Your position will start with simpler tasks to take away from myself and the team, but over time it will build up into more advanced support as we’re confident in your ability.

Why Snowball Creations?

We’re an extremely driven company. Every team member is madly ambitious and focused on making the company something big. I, Max the founder, want to leave a mark on the world in a big way. Snowball Creations is my vessel to do that by helping brands to scale (snowball) through the paid advertising we deliver.

In exchange for your hard work and commitment I commit fully to you too. I will put total trust into you with free reign to work in the way that suits you as long as it doesn’t impact other team members. With all the perks like unlimited paid holiday and working from where you like in the world (As long as there is a fair timezone gap to London, Asia is probably a step too far).

Free reign but not left alone. My number one goal is to help you grow personally as fast as you have the hunger to. If you’re someone that aspires for more and has great ambitions for life, then Snowball Creations is the home for you!

What we are looking for in you

  • Genuinely excited at the thought of working within a modern innovative and global marketing agency.
  • Extremely high standard of written and verbal english to be able to speak and represent me (Max).
  • Big attention to detail.
  • Methodical.
  • Very confident in yourself and your work and with people.
  • Decisive.
  • Love discipline and creating order, but in a way that’s effective and efficient and not bureaucracy for the sake of it.
  • Workaholic and proud.
  • A technophile and not afraid of data.
  • Empathetic and likeable as hell!.

Essential requirements

  • Extremely high standard of written and spoken English.
  • Absolute confidence in using tools like Google docs/sheets/excel/keynote etc.
  • At least a year’s experience in some kind of sales or marketing in some form.

Bonus points

  • Experience in paid advertising.
  • Further experience in sales and marketing.
  • Experience in financial management.
  • Experience in business administration.
  • Worked within marketing agencies before.
  • Worked within startups before.
  • Specific examples of great success within similar roles.

The work

📌 Now - The Immediate Needs

General Business Management:

  • Manage the day to day admin: collate weekly reports, keep our client base refreshed, and monitor payment plans.
  • Be Max's right hand on Slack. Respond on his behalf when possible and highlight messages that demand his attention.
  • Join our team calls - jot down the essentials and send out clear action points.
  • Help maintain various company docs like paid ads budgets, trello’s etc.
  • Help to keep finances on track. Keep Quickbooks updated, sync payments, and categorize everything with VAT details.
  • Manage emails for Max and the company@, filter out the noise, and spotlight the significant ones.


  • Keep an eye out for golden opportunities on business networks like DC, Adoreum events, Indiehackers, and more.
  • Engage on Max's and our company's social platforms - LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Take charge of our content: Turn YouTube videos into blogs using Chatgpt, SurferSEO, and keep a close watch on our copywriting.
  • Help out with minor website tweaks.
  • Manage our events like SaaSy Dinners we’re already running.
  • Plus lots more random marketing projects!


  • Be a supporting role in the sales flow working alongside me.
  • Gear me up with intel before sales calls and be there to document discussions.
  • Help with basic management of sales leads, cold outreach and collaborations.

Max's Personal life:

  • Help plan my travels, make bookings, and suggest awesome spots for food and fun.
  • Team up with me for weekly planning and be the voice in my ear to keep me on track.

Snowball Creations

A fast growing paid advertising agency that specialises in brands making the world better!

We run Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter ads an...

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