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Executive Assistant Required: Be the Organizational Backbone [CLOSED]

Full Time or Part Time Negotiable

Admin Assistant

About the company

I'll give you the Wikipedia Answer and the Real Life Answer



The Paleo Foundation is a private American organization dedicated to certifying food products related to the Paleolithic and ketogenic diets . The primary function of the organization is to provide certifications for food products and dietary supplements that meet specific dietary standards. The Paleo Foundation was initially established to standardize the Paleo diet, given the lack of an official governing body defining this diet, which can lead to confusion and inconsistent interpretations in the market.  

Real life: 

The Paleo Foundation is a motley crew of autonomous, but disorganized members of the organization who need to get a life and in order to do so, need to buy back some of their time. Hence the reason you are reading this request for an executive assistant. 


What you really need to know is not about the company, but about Kimberly 

Kimberly works too much. 
She is a slow typist
She doesn't like answering emails
She answers emails all day long
She has her first grandchild coming
She needs to stop working on the weekends
She needs a life, especially a social life
She loves yoga. I don't know why. 
She loves food and travel. Totally understandable.
She's my mother. Also my co-founder.
She wants to be baking, learning to sew baby socks, and doing grandma things 


About the role


North Star Principles 

  1. Protect the Kimberly's Time



  1. Process the inbox
    1. Goal:  0 Inbox by 10 AM EST and again at 5PM EST 
  2. Schedule all meetings/calls
    1. Goal: Keep all meetings on Mondays to free up Fridays 
  3. Prepare for a meeting with CEO daily
    1. Goal:  Update Kimberly on emails done and get to know Kimberly 
  4. EOD, before signing off:
    1. Go through your inbox and address all lingering questions,
    2. Write summaries or notes to emails you’ll work on tomorrow to denote any progress you’ve made,
    3. Compile your ‘To Do’ list for the following day.
      1. Goal: Start your next day fresh


  1. Research/book requested travel or activities
    1. Goal: Weekends full of fun and adventure, not work.



About you

Ultimately, an ideal administrative assistant can reliably support the Kimberly, maintain the smooth running of an office, and adapt to the unique needs of their role. 

However, the following skills are more detailed: 

  1. Organizational Skills: Managing multiple tasks, maintaining files, and organizing work efficiently.
  2. Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal communication abilities for drafting correspondence, answering calls, and liaising with clients or staff.
  3. Attention to Detail: Precision in handling details to ensure accuracy in documents and schedules.
  4. Time Management: Efficiently managing one's time and prioritizing tasks effectively.
  5. Problem-Solving Abilities: Capacity to anticipate and resolve issues proactively.
  6. Technological Proficiency: Familiarity with office software, including word processing, spreadsheets, email management, and possibly industry-specific software.
  7. Interpersonal Skills: Professionalism in interacting with colleagues and clients.
  8. Adaptability: Flexibility to adjust to changing priorities and work requirements.
  9. Initiative: Willingness to take on new tasks, learn new skills, and contribute ideas for improvement.
  10. Secrecy: Fidelity to keep highly confidential information secret.

What's in it for you?

This role would be particularly appealing to those who place a high value on personal time and autonomy.  People who will enjoy this job include: 

  1. People who hate Micromanagement:  We may have our share of issues, but this has never been one of them.
  2. Individuals Valuing Work-Life Balance: Those who prioritize flexibility , such as parents with young children or individuals with caregiving responsibilities.
  3. Freelancers and Entrepreneurs: People who are used to working independently and are looking for opportunities that align with their own business or freelance ventures.
  4. Remote Workers or Digital Nomads: Those who prefer to work from various locations and value the autonomy to set their own schedules.
  5. People Transitioning Careers or Seeking Experience: Individuals looking to gain experience in a new field.

How to apply?

We want to treat this like dating. 

We want both parties to know it's a fit before we commit.  
We agree to pay for this “date”," so let us know what you need to be paid hourly or weekly for this trial period, and let's chat!

Paleo Foundation

#1 Leader in Paleo, Keto, and Grain-free certification worldwide!! But here are a few EMPLOYEE TESTIMONIALS:

If you hate micromana...

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