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Executive Assistant (100% remote) [CLOSED]

Full Time Negotiable

English - speaking English - writing

My little brother is a very smart guy. He also hates repetition and has a system or a hack for everything.

When he sees me switching from my Gmail to a Word doc with my mouse, he calls me ‘grandpa’ (I’m 37) and asks, ‘why don’t you use Alt-Tab?’

In fact, he never even uses his mouse because he only uses keyboard shortcuts.

I would hire him if our father didn’t already steal him for his company, but since he is not available, I’m looking for an:

Executive Assistant (full-time or ‘near full-time’)

I don’t expect you to run your computer using just keyboard shortcuts, but when I was thinking about this position, I thought of the kind of personality I’m looking for and I thought ‘someone like my brother would be perfect’. Besides the urge he has to optimize everything, he also sincerely takes joy in helping other people and making things easier for them. I’m hoping to find someone with a similar personality.

More about the role later, but first, what’s in it for you:

  • Work in a relaxed environment

You’ll work from home or wherever you want directly with me. I’m a pretty laid-back guy and won’t yell at you when you make a mistake. I also have a team of other nice people that you will work with.

I see our future work relationship as a cooperation, and I realize the success is just as dependent on me as it is on you. I will do my absolute best to give clear and concise instructions and make your life easier too.

  • Flexible work times

When you are the person I’m looking for, this job should also accommodate your lifestyle and I’d be happy to comply (within reason of course). If you have kids for example and need to bring / get them from school, we could discuss working times that would work for your situation.

  • Lots of learning possibilities

I run several online businesses and you will learn a ton. There’s also room to take courses during work time if you want to acquire specific skills that will be useful for the business.

  • Competitive salary

Based on your skills and experience salary range for this position would be $1000 - $1500

About the business

I run several online businesses in all sorts of industries, together with some great partners and a team of talented people. For starters I do a lot in the graphic design space, selling icon sets on flat-icons.com for example. Another example would be a platform where we help people struggling with addiction. You will learn about all these businesses and I can assure you that you will learn a lot about different online business models.

Which qualities does EA need to have?

There are a few qualities and character traits that are imperative for this role:

  • You’re super organized and know how to organize files, folders and information for ease of retrieval
  • A firm believer in the 80/20 rule; you are good at identifying the most important tasks to work on and see the big picture
  • Good at figuring things out. This is a big one. The perfect candidate gets great joy from coming up with clever solutions for problems
  • Nearly fluent written and spoken English required
  • Passionate about learning new things
  • Bonus points if you have experience with collaboration tools like Slack and Trello

What will you do?

The tasks will be varied, but the main goal is to help me get things of my plate and streamline the whole operation. Some examples:

  • Setting up an efficient email flow and help me answer a good chunk of my daily emails.
  • Help optimizing and organizing my workflow, for example by setting up a good system on how you and me can share folders
  • Reminding me on time to buy end of year gifts for employees, come with ideas and buy & send the gifts
  • Helping sift through applicants for new positions
  • Administrative tasks like Invoicing

To apply for this job, hit the Apply button and within your application message include:

A brief note on your experience that you think is relevant to the role and answer these questions in your application:

  • Describe the biggest ‘time-saving win’ that you ever achieved for an executive and the steps you took to make it happen
  • How would you set up the management of email when the executive has around 10 different inboxes? Be as detailed as possible.

Thanks in advance for your time and looking forward to hearing from you!


Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands we design pixel-perfect icons with a team of 20 designers and a 5-person support staff.

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