JPNB Consulting Ltd

London United Kingdom

About Company

JPNB Consulting is the leading HR  Consulting for E-commerce and online businesses. 

We have created dozens of team with great culture. 

All of our clients whom we are recruiting for are engaged into our culture program based on Dave Logan "Tribe Leadership" (which has inspired Phil Jackson, head coach of Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers), moving from stage 1 of pleasure building to stage 5 of culture building. 

Our mission is : "enabling employees to have a great time at work and companies to create orgasmic teams". 

For us both are essential - the employees happiness, on the individual level, and the overall collective happiness and performance of the team. Our research shows that it is all interconnected and that the single most important factor to people's happiness is how they feel at work.

As for me my name is Julien and I have spent over 10 years in team and culture building.  

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you in the next steps of your career. 

Julien Nowak-Bourgoin

Founder of JPNB Consulting Ltd