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Senior Developer for SaaS Coaching CRM wanted! (Ruby on Rails) – bi-weekly pay – long term [CLOSED]

Full Time

Salary: 25.00 USD
Salary Type: Hourly

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Advanced... Ruby-on-Rails

Please note: It’s important to read the ENTIRE job posting carefully and follow instructions if you are the person we are looking for. Applicants that do not follow the outlined instructions will not be contacted. The codeword is UNICORN.

Would you like to work in a remote, distributed team building a very cool Coaching CRM platform that is helping to improve the lives of real people?

We are easy going, with a great work ethic and (most importantly) get shit done when the pressure is on.

Do you want to grow together and help us move towards our big ambitions? We will, of course, respect your local holidays and let you control your own environment and work schedule.

Sounds good? Then keep reading!

This is just 100% you!

  • You're proactive about recognising problems and offering solutions.
  • You're confident enough to speak up, share opinions and champion new ideas.
  • You're a team player, eager to support others and comfortable giving and accepting constructive criticism and feedback.
  • You strive to be a master of your craft, continuously seeking to improve your knowledge and master your toolset.
  • You are results-oriented, and know how to stay laser focused on delivering.
  • You love to be challenged and you're passionate about doing great work.
  • You are fluent in English and can communicate your thoughts with clarity and confidence.
  • You have a stable, high-speed internet connection, can work from home (or your office / co-working space, etc.) without distractions and be available for Skype / Zoom calls when needed.

Here are the core technical skills we are looking for:

  • Senior level Ruby on Rails experience and a solid understanding of the nuances of the Ruby language.
  • A respect for code quality, strong development process and professional discipline.
  • Sharp TDD skills and familiarity with RSpec and Capybara.
  • Proficiency with MVC, ORM and RESTful principles.
  • A keen nose for code smells and an understanding of the appropriate use of refactoring patterns to increase quality and maintain a clean codebase.
  • Experience using error tracking and debugging tools like Bugsnag to catch bugs and take a methodical approach to fixing them.
  • A strong understanding of Object-Oriented design principles and patterns.
  • A solid grounding in front-end languages and technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Familiarity with Git and Github workflows and processes.

Any of these bonus skills make you rocket to the top of the list:

  • Front-end JavaScript frameworks like jQuery and React
  • Front-end package managers and toolchains like NPM
  • Heroku app deployment and monitoring
  • Agile methodology like SCRUM or Kanban
  • PQML schemas
  • Server side templating languages and pre-processors like HAML and SCSS

Your average day at Satori

First, you check in with the team on Slack and respond to any message that might have been left for you while you were away. You review your Github project board and issues list, update the status of pending tasks, and see if there are any new issues that require your attention, or team mates who need your help to move on.

Then you take a moment to plan your day by identifying your top priorities and goals.

When all the communication and management stuff is done, you checkout a working branch for your top priority issue, and begin solving it.

Our team is disciplined about clearly scoping issues, writing tests, and maintaining code quality, so each task you work on has very clearly defined acceptance criteria. Issues rarely take more than a few hours to resolve. You're working on a relatively mature product with an established user base so requirements are clear and stable. With the rare exception of critically urgent bugs, you always know what your priorities are for the next few weeks so you can easily plan your work.

When you resolve an issue, or reach a natural point of stability during the day, you push your branch to the server and open a pull request for review. This is a good time to grab a coffee and review feedback on other issues, or get started with the next issue on your list.

At the end of your work day, you update the status of open issues and post a brief update in Slack to report what you accomplished, any problems you encountered, and your priorities for the next day.

About us—Satori

Satori is a small, distributed SaaS company. We have been in business for 6 years and currently have 5 people on the team. We are 100% customer funded and profitable.

Our software helps coaches to eliminate tedium, increase confidence and do their best work by providing an integrated system for appointment scheduling, billing and automating key customer-care processes. We have an enthusiastic and loyal customer base who are eager to use the new features you'll be helping to build for them.

We want to grow our development team so we can ship updates more quickly and take advantage of numerous opportunities we have for growth.

You'll work directly with an experienced lead developer to implement new features, squash bugs and generally improve the user experience on our coaching CRM. We have a disciplined development process, solid test coverage and stable requirements. We love doing great work and enjoying the process, so we value high-quality, maintainable code.

This is a fully remote, full-time position in a team working in different parts of the world including South East Asia and Eastern Europe. The team is run by technical founder working from Chiang Mai, Thailand. It doesn’t matter in which time zone you are currently based in, as long as you make it to our daily meetings that are a must to attend. If you want to move to Thailand and enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle with low cost of living while working on a fun project we can help make that happen.

Our team is distributed, and we have an asynchronous, results oriented work style. Our culture is relaxed yet professional. We look for dedication and professionalism while giving you freedom to control your own environment and schedule according to what is most motivating and productive for you.

We are a small team with big potential. If you're hard working and have ambition to develop yourself into a team leader or technical lead, this is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor with a growing company and be part of building something that makes a real difference in the lives of real people.

We all contribute immensely to the success of our company, and all team members are an integral part of our success. We want people who believe in our product as much as we do. In return, we give you the flexibility to work in your most motivating environment. We love our multi-cultural company and the fact we have people from all over the world working on creating the best products to give our customers.

How to apply?

To apply for this position, visit this URL and follow the instructions:


Salary is negotiable based on your skill set and experience, in the range of $15–$25/hr.

We have a bonus and salary increase plan based on your individual performance as well as the results of the whole company. Satori’s success is your success as well. We love ambition so if you want to improve your skills we offer you the room to do so and grow in the company.

REVERSE (E-S-R-E-V-E-R) the answer to question ten.

Now go on and apply already!

P.S. Applicants who don't pay proper attention to this post and can't follow instructions to apply will be ignored instantly. Like we said we need people with attention for details.

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