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Scientific 3D Animation

Full Time or Part Time 2000.00 USD Type: Monthly

3D modelling

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Who We Are

Biotech Animated is a team of incredibly creative communicators who are driven to produce high-caliber content that delivers powerful results. We choose work that ultimately improves lives and are proud to support organizations that are advancing therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, and biomedical research.

What We Do

Biotech Animated works with biotech and pharma companies translating complex scientific concepts into easy-to-understand video marketing campaigns. Through clear and attractive visual communication, cleverly constructed narration, and compelling messaging, our productions aim to be the most actionable scientific animation works available.

Our greatest asset is the collective brainpower of our team. We not only quickly grasp a company’s complex technology, we know what to say and how to say it in a way that speaks directly to other scientists as peers. We speak science and are steeped in the culture of science and are dedicated to clearly communicating our client’s message to the world.

About you

You enjoy working in a positive and constructive team environment and you are a team player. You want to use your talents to help the development of early and mid-stage biopharma companies creating promising therapeutics that will ultimately improve lives. You have experience creating fluid environments and are interested in using and refining the skills needed to produce lifelike artwork.


Previous experience in medical, biomedical, or molecular animation is a huge plus.

Here are some examples of the type of work we’ll need you to be able to create after being guided through the initial concept design from our scientific team:

- https://biotech-animated.wistia.com/medias/p50b5cy7ik

- https://biotech-animated.wistia.com/medias/13bbkfrrfl

- https://biotech-animated.wistia.com/medias/8p1i1bk70r

Benefits from working with Biotech-Animated

- Contribute from anywhere in the world, as we work remotely

- Work with an energetic and passionate team in a positive and constructive environment

- Work with the leading companies in pharma and biotech industry

- Leave your mark in a highly purpose and mission driven company

- Flexible hours, overlapping between European and US business hours

- Compensation commensurate to your experience, based on fixed monthly salary after the initial trial period


- Creating animation Example Scenes – you will create fully detailed still images representing style, color, detail and branding of the final production.

- Full Scene Creation – You will create fully detailed still images representing each scene outlined in the Storyboard.

- 3D Modeling – You will build on the model as outlined in the Concept Video presented to you by our scientific team.

- Lighting & Texturing – You will perform texturing of the models and set up appropriate scene lighting to make it clear and visually appealing.

- Background – You will create a detailed and engaging background for the animations.

- 3D Rendering – You will have the ability to render animation at 1080p HD quality (1920 x 1080, 24 fps) in PNG frames or other requested formats being able to eliminate noise and pixelation.

- Video Sequence Editing (VSE) – You will edit video, add and animate text to help the animation tell the client story if necessary.


● Ability to clearly demonstrate exceptional 3D animation related skills

● Ability to visualize 3D concepts of two-dimensional sketches and artwork

● Good instinct for timing, movement, and editing

● Training in animation, computer graphics, graphic design or fine art

● Experience in 3D modeling

● Understanding the effect of weight and fluid dynamics

● Talent for visual storytelling

● Basic knowledge of biology and curiosity for science

● Excellent verbal and written communication skills

● Ability to work under pressure and deliver to tight deadlines

● Good understanding of aesthetics of visual communication

We look forward to receiving your application.

If you're interested and available, please fill in this short survey for us, to get to know you better https://biotechanimated.typeform.com/to/JN0iPW29

Biotech Animated Inc.

Founded in January 2015—the Biotech Animated team are dedicated and incredibly creative communicators who are driven to produce high-caliber conten...

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