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Operations Manager [CLOSED]

Full Time 2000.00 - 3000.00 USD Type: Monthly

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Digital Marketing Operations Manager

Are you someone who can create systems, motivate and inspire others to be great, and just make things happen? Yes? Then you should read this.

Who We Are and Why We’re Awesome:

Hello, we are WLDM, a remote league of e-commerce marketers. We work with the best in the industry. Our team is a group of thriving professionals, a well-oiled machine that aims to build exceptional relationships with the clients and be their guide in the versatile world of digital marketing.

Interested? Keep Reading:

We are looking for a Digital Marketing Operations Manager.

Someone who can become “the life and soul of the party”.

Someone, who brings certain energy and light wherever they go.

Someone, who moves through life with the belief that the right way of doing things, is doing them perfectly.

Let’s dig deeper:

You won’t be doing robotic, mindless tasks. You’ll need to be creative, bright, flexible, proactive, and strategic.

We will highly value if you are able to work with significant degrees of accountability and impact. Being able to learn fast and grow even faster will be an enormous plus.

You will be asked to share your experience with our teams, ensuring we always keep the highest standards. Your day-to-day operations will require dedication, smart work and ability to hustle.

We expect outstanding work from you. You will be a part of a small team of A-players and you will be expected to become an A-player yourself. We are really good at what we do and we love to get results.

Your professional life before us:

You need to have a background in digital marketing or agency operations. Well-versed in digital marketing and possession of great communication skills. Communication is the key in our business.

Besides operational activities, you would be helping with our core services as well (content, outreach, lead generation, SEO, Facebook Ads, social media, backlinking/link building) so experience in it will be a huge advantage.

Opportunity for Growth:

You will be solving challenging issues and putting your knowledge and skills to test every day. What you think will matter and you’ll have ample opportunity to have an impact on all kinds of decisions and processes.

About the role:

Once hired, you will be working under a part-time contract for the first three months. Then, based on your performance, you will be promoted into a full-time Operations Manager. You will be trained by our Head of Operations & Client Services for the first three months and will work closely with them on a daily basis.

Monthly salary: Operations Manager: $2000 USD - $3000 USD

Freedom, Autonomy and Awesome Benefits:

  • Flexible hours
  • Work from home or wherever you want in the world
  • Paid time off
  • Training, training, and training. And plenty of educational opportunities
  • For long-term employees, we offer shares in the company
  • Among other great benefits!

What you’ll do or be responsible for:

  • Lead coaching and professional development training for marketers
  • Performance management for marketing teams
  • Overseeing of the client service operations
  • Learning our approach to digital marketing, and then performing as the ambassador for that approach
  • Conducting practice presentations, pitches, and meetings
  • Motivating and inspiring individuals to improve their performance and success
  • Being a communication guru between teams and clients

Can you find yourself here?

  • Truly detail oriented. You don’t allow things to fall through the cracks. And there’s no need to tell you things more than once. You just get things done
  • Admirable communication skills. You make things easier to understand. You always can explain the “why”. You have a talent for persuasion and are able to get everyone on the same page.
  • You have 2+ years of management experience (people, process, and presentation skills)
  • You excel in Inbound marketing execution and strategy skills
  • You are super comfortable working in a remote environment
  • You have agency experience: a huge plus
  • Overall, you have general knowledge of digital marketing

Come work with us!

We value and celebrate a variety of perspectives, skills, and experiences and we have created our company with a comprehensive, global mindset. We will thrive and never stop trying to make the world a better place. Join us.


Hello! We are White Light Digital Marketing, a remote league of e-commerce marketers who partner with the best in the industry. Our reputation is o...

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