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Online Operations Manager [CLOSED]

Full Time 2500.00 - 5000.00 USD Type: Monthly

Admin Assistant Email Management Financial Management General Manager

About the company

Dear world-class Online Operations Manager,

The Professional Artist Association ( ProfessionalArtist.com/about) is looking for you.

We are looking for an experienced Operations Manager to join us and lead our internal processes to run smoothly.

If you feel like you are smarter than what your current role demands, and are looking to work with world-class talent, read on.

Your help is needed to bring more light to the world, by helping our founder (ex-Google), sales team, marketing team, experts, coaches & students get their work done without getting lost in administration. 

Given your track record, you will be able to learn the ins and outs of the business in the first 90 days with full depth and breadth like no else in the team.

You will be effectively managing the business, and you will grow in your responsibilities as you help the business scale smoothly.

You will own 100% of the SOPs for the company, updating and refining them (you will be given an initial list 80% complete).

This is an exciting opportunity with generous pay, flexible work hours, almost zero meetings, and getting insight into the creative mind behind the growth of the world's biggest business school for visual artists. You will work directly with our founder, and liaise with our faculty of experts, coaches & customers (members & coachees).

If you are interested, then scroll to the bottom of this page and apply now, we are looking to hire immediately.

NOTE: this role requires:
- extremely high attention to detail
- extremely high analytical/logical reasoning skills
- extremely high agency, resourcefulness, autonomy making decisions under uncertainty

If you get overwhelmed under stress, this role is not for you.
If you thrive with challenges and love to figure things out on your own (with proper support when needed), you will love it.

Looking forward to talk soon,

*The Professional Artist Association Team - ProfessionalArtist.com/about*

About the role


You will essentially be running the company, ensuring all day to day operations run smoothly, and reporting to the CEO/Founder.

You will need to be able to constantly zoom into great detail (eg. replying to a customer complaint) …
…and zoom out to the big picture (eg. providing an end of month summary of the business's highlights, lowlights & opportunities).

Your responsibility is dual:
1) Make sure day to day operations run smoothly
2) Every week find ways to improve our KPIs through Operational Excellence
(eg. create new processes,  improve existing ones through simplification, deletion and no-code automation (you can hire contractors to implement), etc.)

- **Own Gmail Inbox & Company google calendar**
- Filter throughout the day email as it comes into 5 folder categories (only about 10 to 20 real emails per day currently)
- Reply to email following already created SOPs for handling typical email inquiries
- Reply to email that has no SOP assigned to it using best judgement
- Draft replies to those emails that you cannot reply for founder to review & send
- Implement audio instruction from founder to send final emails after his review
- Make sure all events in calendar have no clash or problems ahead of time

**Marketing, Sales & Coaching operations**
- Daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to support our internal team including but not limited to:
- Examples: Zoom webinar set up, Webinar emails to list via ActiveCampaign, Google slides presentations for our experts
- Monthly payments to all team members, Xero accounting reconciliation a plus
- You will own the SOP (standard operating procedures) written down for these and all recurring tasks

**Prospect & Customer operations**
- Daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to support our enrolled students and address questions from prospects
- Examples: requests to pause their coaching program, etc.

**Finance & Payroll**
- Daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to make sure all payments are being received, all expenses categorized, healthy simple finances.
- Examples: unpaid bills follow up with students, set payroll for each team member every month, categorize expenses in Xero, etc.

**Community Management**
- Welcome new paying members to our community
- Make sure all posts and DMs have replies within 24h (volume is generally low, with some spikes with launches)

About you


- Previous experience running operations for an online business
- Extensive experience working with SOPs (creating, executing, updating)
- Understanding of root-cause problem solving and proactive remediation
- Extraordinary written communication skills in English
- Excellent verbal communication skills in English
- Tech savvy (comfortable with ChatGPT, ActiveCampaign, Gmail, Gcalendar, Zoom, Wordpress, Gsheets…)
- Bonus: Experience owning email inbox for a business leader or company founder
- Bonus: Experience covering processes for all areas of the business: marketing, sales, fulfillment & finance)
- Bonus: Experience with Xero or similar financial management platform for tracking expenses, and experience with payroll

Ability to work as on a long term contractor basis (company has no salaried employees, instead we are a world-wide team of hand-picked A+ domain experts).

What's in it for you?


- 100% remote job - forever
- Flexible hours as a contractor
- Full-time 40h but you self-organize as best suits you, very few meetings, we mostly work asynchronously (gmail, gchat, loom)
- Compensation range full-time: $2,500, can be raised to $5,000 monthly based on experience, performance & business growth.

If you want to be responsible for running an online business with full autonomy and growing it to multiple seven figures as the key Operations Manager, this is your opportunity.

How to apply?

If you want to apply, please include in your application a <5 minute loom.com video answering THESE questions:

1 Why are you interested in this position and why now?
2 What is your ideal work environment?
3 What is your #1 strength and #1 weakness?

If you have relevant experience running operations for a company before, please make sure to mention this with your key process improvement contributions (highlights).

All applications without the video will be ignored.

Thank you for your interest!

Professional Artist Association

The Professional Artist Association is a global organization that promotes real world education for visual artists: painters, scul...

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