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Online Marketing and Operations Projects Manager [CLOSED]

Full Time 2000.00 - 3000.00 USD Type: Monthly

Email Marketing Project Management English - speaking English - writing

About the company

Mirasee is a fully remote company based in Canada that hires people from all over the world. We are represented in four continents and excel at deliberate communication across multiple time zones. 

The team at Mirasee focuses on helping coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, and other experts who want to share their gifts and talents with a greater audience. In order to do this, Mirasee offers a wide range of programs, courses and services. Mirasee also has their own podcast department dedicated to creating shows with entrepreneurs in various fields. 

Mirasee consists of an umbrella of companies supporting a similar client base. You will be working for a number (if not all) of those companies. 

Mirasee’s team consists of highly motivated, talented and skilled individuals who love going the extra mile. You will be joining a fast paced and supportive environment with lots of opportunities for learning and growth.. 

Our core values drive everything we do: 

  • Impact and Innovation
  • Respect, Appreciation and Humility
  • Empowerment via Learning and Growth 
  • Integrity 
  • Adaptability and Optimism 
  • Openness and Transparency
  • Partnership and Ownership

Does this sound interesting to you? Keep reading :-) 

About the role

Mirasee is currently looking for an Online Marketing and Operations Projects Manager with a background in campaign management. This project manager will be responsible for executing email marketing campaigns by translating the project vision of our CEO and Director of Growth into an executable plan. You will work closely with the Director of Operations (who is also your direct manager), the other project managers and supporting staff on the Operations team.

What will you be working on?

Once you receive a project memo, you will read it and take ownership of the project. From now on you are in charge and the captain of the ship. 

You will think through potential bottlenecks and challenges and you will ask all the questions to ensure you have all the information you need to kick off the project. You will communicate with the CEO, Director of Growth and the Director of Operations to get all that information. 

You will draft a step-by-step project plan that includes critical timelines and think through what systems and processes are needed to deliver the project successfully. The Ops Team developer and your colleagues are around so you can test your hypotheses and ideas. 

You will assign tasks to your project team and use deliberate communication to help your team understand their roles and timelines. If needed you will plan and lead a kick-off call with your project team that could consist of copywriters, a project chief, another project manager and marketing assistants.

Once your project plan has been created, you can build out your automation plan. Pages, forms, promotion campaigns and fulfillment campaigns will all be falling under your responsibility. Depending on the project, you will either be expected to design and execute these yourself (using our custom built page builder and Hubspot or Infusionsoft for automations), or assign them to team members. Whatever the case is, the quality assurance is in your hands. 

During the live phase of the project, you will be monitoring the statistics daily and updating the team on the progress of the project. You will flag project issues and help pivot the project if and when needed. 

When the live phase of the project is over, you will facilitate a debrief with the project team and keep track of all the learnings of the project. Your finalization of the project consists of adding the ‘keeps’ or ‘do differently’s’ to the project memo, cleaning up and switching off workflows and automations. 

Meanwhile, you’ve been collaborating with the ops team during meetings and other projects and you’ve set time aside so you can fully enjoy the companies’ Learning Day. Also, you’ve already been creating another project plan for your next project… not one day is the same at Mirasee, and we guarantee you’ll never be bored! 

About you

The ideal candidate must be: 

  • experienced in managing online email marketing campaigns and highly skilled with online marketing technologies (Hubspot, Keap/Infusionsoft predominantly) and shopping cart systems and able to learn new systems.
  • able to create automations (workflows/campaigns, active lists and integrations) and be able to execute it well. 
  • proficient in Google Suite.
  • experienced creating detailed project plans (preferably in a tool like Asana), including developing critical timelines and understanding what’s needed to deliver on time.
  • proactive in anticipating potential bottlenecks, questions, and challenges, and able to think of solutions to address them before they arise.
  • eager to take on high-stakes projects and able to work well under pressure with the willingness to go the extra mile and keeping a positive attitude towards challenges.
  • an expert in figuring things out and able to troubleshoot and problem-solve effectively.
  • a natural lover of process, whether that means following, improving or designing them. 
  • detail oriented, systematic, and a superhero when things get crazy and not afraid to roll up their sleeves and take on any task or situation.
  • willing to learn from past experiences and consciously strive to do better next time.
  • an excellent communicator in English (both written and verbal).
  • able to do focused work in a dedicated workspace with access to reliable internet and their own computer or laptop.
  • able to work independently and disciplined. 
  • a team player.
  • flexible and able to overlap at least 5 hours per day with business hours in the Eastern time zone. 
  • able to check in and work (for more or less hours) during some weekends throughout the year as some of your projects will run for multiple weeks.

What's in it for you?

You will be solving challenging issues and putting your knowledge and skills to the test every day. What you think will matter and you’ll have ample opportunity to have an impact on Mirasee’s projects and overall successes. You will work with highly motivated and skilled team members who you can rely on to consult and spar ideas with. 

The job brings you the ability to 

  • Have flexible working hours.
  • Work from home or wherever you want in the world.
  • Be trained and enjoy education opportunities, as Mirasee organizes a learning day every month for which all non-fiction books are reimbursed. 
  • Grow and learn new skills allowing you to develop further in your role or to explore new roles within the company.
  • And much more! 

You will be required to undertake a fully paid trial period before being promoted into the full-time role of Project Manager. You will be trained by our Director of Operations and Campaign Chief for the first three months and will work closely with them.

This is a full time position of 40 hours per week. 

Please note that this position requires 100% commitment and is not suitable for those seeking a side job, freelance work, or part-time employment. It is important to only apply if you intend this to be your primary and only full-time job.

How to apply?

If you meet the requirements and are excited about the opportunity to work as an Online Marketing and Operations Projects Manager at Mirasee, please submit your application. We look forward to hearing from you!

The hiring process for this position will include the following steps: 

  • Completing the application (see below)
  • If shortlisted, completing a test case project and two online assessments. 
  • If shortlisted, a live interview with the Director of Operations to discuss your previous experience and the new role in more detail. 


Mirasee is a fully remote company based in Canada that hires people from all over the world. We are represented in four continents and excel at del...

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