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Ninja Project Manager / Operations Expert [CLOSED]

Full Time Negotiable

I'm looking for an absolute rockstar to come on and help manage projects and internal operations of a quickly growing company. The projects are diverse and consistently changing, the work is rewarding, and you'll be coming in on the ground floor with an already successful company, staging for rapid growth. In short, you'll be: - Building and Managing a worldwide team of experts  - Defining Processes and Internal Business Systems for how things function - Planning, delegating and pushing projects forward  =====About Us===== Starting in 2009, I have operated as a do-it-all entrepreneur, figuring out how to build and rank websites, and help companies grow online. After learning the ropes initially, I've grown Hendricksen Design at a 100% - 400% per year rate for the past 3 years. Right now it's a diverse mix of marketing consulting projects (working hands-on in other successful businesses, and sharing in the growth), nationwide lead generation networks, and various niche online websites and businesses that I own.  Now it's time to take things to the next level, and built out a team of rockstars to be able to expand an online empire.  ===== About You ===== This is where you come in - I'm looking for an experienced project manager to help structure the growth, and manage how we get there.  ===== Perks ===== - Ground Floor Opportunity - You'll be able to get in on the ground floor of a quickly expanding company. You'll only have to report to me, and will have first say in the team, who is hired, and how things work within the company. Talk about opportunity.  - Global Retreats - as the company grows, we'll be setting up a centralized retreat, and get as many of the employees together as possible in an awesome, exotic location.  - Diverse and Fun Projects - With such a diverse base of projects, one day you'll be planning on how to build out a nationwide network of lead generation sites, and the next you'll be helping a client who is changing the way nurse education works forever.  - Rewarding Work - A lot of the projects and clients are disruption based companies, doing awesome things that will change the world. You'll be having a first-hand opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of literally thousands and thousands of people.  - Flexible and Fun - I don't believe in business as usual. The world has changed and so should we. You'll have the flexibility to work when and where you want, as long as the work is getting done to a mutually agreed upon level. So whether that's from cafes in Budapest, jungles in Thailand (both of which I love working from), or just at home with your family - you are free! - Performance Bonuses / Profit Sharing - I strongly believe in the idea of being compensated for how well you perform. So based on how well you do for the company, you'll get a portion of the growth.  ===== Your Roles ===== - Project Manager - Business Operations Manager ===== Tasks and Required Skills ===== - Self-Starter and Master Figure-Things-Outer ------ Manage yourself without me having to light a fire ------ An amazing ability to figure out how to do things you don't know.  - Project Management ------ Well versed in the Agile project management methodology.  ------ Be able to plan out the structure and execution of a project, keep to schedule, and see it through to completion (i.e. - a finisher).  - Designing and Implementing Systems ------ Define and create systems for managing the internals of the business ------------ Standard Operating Procedures ------------ Communication / Collaboration Systems ------------ Project Management Software - Elimination and Automation ------ I'm a firm believer in the 80/20 principle, so you'll be constantly asked to eliminate and automate as much as possible, to get down to the core of any task / business / process. - Managing People / Services ------ Delegating tasks to internal employees as well as external contractors and services ------ Hiring / Finding New Talent - Other Required Skills ------ General Computer Use - Google Drive, Email, Word Processing, etc. ------ Fluent in English ------ Be able to overlap working in the US Pacific time zone for a minimum 1-2 hours per day, for collaboration purposes.  ===== Initial Projects / Start ===== We'll be testing out a few people to start, to find the absolute best one we can. You'll be given real life tasks, and will be judged on how well you perform them. Then after a while, we'll keep on the best person or people for very stable long term work.  ===== Questions to Answer in Your Application ===== - What is your favorite / preferred project management software to use?  - What are you bad at?  - What is your Myers Brigg's personality type? (Find out quickly here - https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test) - Why should I hire you?  - What is your salary request

Taylor Hendricksen

Looking to fill out at team of developers for my agency / company. Looking for web developers, marketing ninjas and copywriting experts to help mov...

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