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Lead Operations & Project Manager [CLOSED]

Full Time 3000.00 USD Type: Hourly

Hey, Noel here, CEO and owner of JobRack. Yep that’s right, JobRack, the site you’re browsing looking for awesome remote jobs right now!

JobRack team is looking for a rockstar Lead Operations & Project Manager to help us enter new markets, improve existing business systems & management to scale our business faster.


-2 to 5 years of experience in operations and project management ideally at a digital marketing or e-commerce company.

-Strong organization skills - create, modify, and manage multiple businesses processes with ease

-Past experience with web design, UI/UX, direct response marketing, media buying as well as software like FB Ads Manager a huge plus!

-Ability to create SOPs and instructional material for new processes so we can train current/future employees

-Experience recruiting (interviewing & hiring) a team of employees to implement projects

-Extreme detail orientation and skill in balancing multiple tasks and projects

-Fluency in written and spoken English

-Your communication skills are great. You appreciate clear instructions for tasks, and are able to communicate that to your team and will always try to keep us updated on your progress or problems.


-Develop systems and processes to move forward company goals

-Manage a variety of day to day tasks along with daily / weekly reporting of specific key indicators

-Coordinate and manage communications with our creative, technology, fulfillment, and customer service teams.

-Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for new processes and businesses that we enter so it is easy to train new (as well as existing) employees

-Work with management and create job listings, define new employee responsibilities, and help recruit team members as we expand our business lines

Mindset Must Haves:

-You must be a generalist who loves problem solving and figuring out how to use the resources available to you to bring a business task to completion

-Being a team player is super important. You don’t want to let the team down and you have an ownership mindset about your position and tasks.

-Being able to learn on the job is extremely important as there will be projects and tasks which will be brand new for both you as well as the company. You can’t give up just because you haven’t seen a problem or task in the past.


-This is a full time, salaried position so you will be expected to work at least 40 hours a week. There will be weeks when the work piles up as well as weeks when it will be simple maintenance tasks. We don’t look at hourly sheets here, just at results.

-You will be working with management based in the GMT timezone so you must be willing to adjust your work hours so there is at least 4 hours of overlap.

-Compensation will be up to US$ 3,000 / month depending on experience, with a discretionary, end of year bonus based on company and individual performance.

How to apply:

CLICK the APPLY BUTTON and in the message include a copy of your resume/cv and tell us a bit about you and why you're the rockstar we need. Generic copied and pasted cover letters won't hit the spot.


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