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Inventory, Pricing, Profitability Data Analyst [CLOSED]

Full Time 2500.00 - 3500.00 USD Type: Monthly

Data Modelling Analytics Analysis Financial Analysis Financial forecastin... Sales Management Competitive Analysis...

About the company

Viahart was founded in 2010. We have 10 people on our team. We are an educational toy company. We design, manufacture, and distribute plush, active play products, and building toys. Our company's goal is to inspire capability and confidence in children. Our brands include the building toy Brain Flakes, the racket game Goodminton, and our plush line Tiger Hart Toys. Our products have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on television (CNBC and NBC), and in the New York Times. We have grown every year in our existence and we hope to continue that growth with you joining our team!

Company Culture and Mission

  • Safety first. We put the safety of our employees and customers before making money
  • Pride in Our Work. Our goal is to make products and internal processes so good that we feel proud of them.
  • Speed and Efficiency. We look for ways to save time and expect our employees to do good work in theirs
  • Save Money. Without sacrificing quality or safety, we seek to reduce costs to lower prices for our customers.
  • Get Better Every Day. We are never satisfied with what we have done and are constantly looking for improvements.
  • Tough, but Fair. We require our vendors to keep their promises but also don’t make unreasonable demands
  • No Bullshit. We are a company of direct communication and we never lie or omit important information to our customers.
  • Meritocracy. The top performers at the company get the top raises and bonuses.

About the role

Primary Job Responsibilities

  • Forecasting sales and inventory for purchasing
  • Optimizing our inventory across multiple locations
  • Monitoring our sales vs. forecasts and seasonality patterns
  • Determining the root cause of inventory discrepancies
  • Pricing our products in the US, for retail stores, and for international sales
  • Checking the algorithms, calculations, and logic of our in-house custom built software (spreadsheet formulas required, programming is not)
  • Commenting and explaining any (spreadsheet) code or algorithms you write
  • Monitoring the profitability of our products
  • Simplifying the logic in our software both in our spreadsheets and with our developer
  • Building data dashboards
  • Logging data
  • Using data to determine causality and identify issues that need our attention
  • Updating process documents (SOP) so others know how to use the analysis and systems you have built

About you


  • Strong spoken and written English
  • Strong mathematical skills
  • Spreadsheet formulas
  • You must be able to understand the logic of software, but you do not need to code besides using spreadsheet formulas
  • You must really love numbers and be able to identify the relationship between them and what is happening the real world
  • You must have a high attention of detail and feel responsible for the quality of your work
  • You must be able to work at least 6 hours of your day in the Texas time zone (GMT -6) between 8 AM and 4 PM Texas Time. The other 2 hours can be worked as you please, but you may need to communicate with our Asia team for inventory that is stored there.
  • You must be self-motivated without a supervisor looking over your shoulder, forcing you to work
  • You must have stable internet and power

What's in it for you?

Quick Summary of the Job

  • You will be paid in US Dollars
  • You can be paid every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, or every month
  • Starting pay is $2,500 to $3,500 per month but we increase wages fast (see below for more details)
  • We have hired people and over time had their salary increase by 150%. They were making over double from what they started.
  • Our company’s employment philosophy is we never want good people to quit. We will design a job that is an overlap of what you like, what you’re good at and what we need.
  • We believe that the best workers MUST EARN MORE
  • Everyone who applies using the link below will get serious consideration from our hiring team
  • We check 3 work references (must be your supervisor or manager) and do background checks to make sure that we ONLY hire good honest, hardworking, smart people

Compensation (Salary and Bonus)

  • The salary range for this position is $2,500 to $3,500 per month, with the salary being negotiable according to experience and ability
  • Bonuses are paid in addition to the above and range from 0% to 20% of yearly salary
  • Health insurance is not offered (we expect you to purchase it in your home country)
  • 10 business days of vacation will be offered (2 weeks) after 3 months of work

Time Commitment

  • This is a full-time job where you are expected to work at least 40 hours of good work per week on average
  • If you have other jobs, you are expected to tell us about them

Work Location

  • This is a remote work job
  • You can work from your home or a coworking space

How to apply?

How to Apply to the Job

Take the test once you click apply (It takes 5 minutes. If you don’t use a working e-mail, you will not be able to move to the next step in the hiring process).


Viahart was founded in 2010. We have 10 people on our team. We are an educational toy company. We design, manufacture, and distribute plush, active...

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