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Intermediate Full Stack PHP/Wordpress Developer with 5+ years experience for a US company

Full Time

Salary: 15.00 USD
Salary Type: Hourly

CSS3 Javascript basics (u... Javascript Advanced... Mysql / MariaDB Wordpress

Be part of a small technology company which is based in the US, but where we work remotely. Our core team members are working primarily from Brasov, Romania; Niš, Serbia; and Manila, Philippines. 

Hours: 15+ hours a week needed. This will grow into a full-time job.
Work Hours: Our team works US Central Time zone (Chicago zone) and we would need somebody during these hours:

1pm - 4pm Chicago Time Zone
7pm - 10pm (GMT)
9pm - midnight (EET)

** What we do:

We are a web design and hosting company. Unlike a typical agency, all of our customers are from the same niche and we sell web design and hosting packages to that niche audience. All our customers are in the United States, where we have about 450 clients. We have about 3-6 new client projects per month that we work on. They are all on Wordpress.

** How we work:

We have a great corporate culture where we have a relaxed work environment. We all collaborate on Slack. The team that is based in Europe have meet ups more often with the company owner, — an American — who is currently living in Brasov, Romania. We have had team meet ups in Bucharest, Brasov, Sofia, Belgrade and Nis. 

** Your Duties as a Developer:

We have three main areas where we would utilize your talents:

  1. Help fix bugs and add enhancements to our Wordpress themes and plugins
  2. Provide Tier 2 customer support for our client Wordpress issues during the afternoon hours Chicago time.
  3. Built out and improve some internal projects we have

** What we are looking for

- Somebody who can work minimum 15 hrs a week during the times listed above
- You must have good written English
- People who are kind and polite in general, and who are pleasant to be around. 
- Somebody who is proactive, not re-active. So give your interviewer an example of something you did proactively.
- It goes without saying that we require somebody to have proficient skills as a full stack PHP/Wordpress developer 

** Pay Wage

- Start at $15.00/hr
- We pay weekly via PayPal, Payoneer, or Bitcoin (whichever you prefer)

Applicants: 17

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