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eCommerce Marketing Assistant (Do You Like Taking Naps?) [CLOSED]

Full Time Negotiable

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eCommerce / Amazon Marketing Assistant

Are you excited by the prospect of combining both your analytics skills and creative energy in a flexible and location-independent position?

Do you feel real joy in helping to deliver consumer products that will make an impact on people’s lives?

Are you data-driven, creative, and naturally drawn to optimization? Are terms like a/b test, split test, email funnel, SEO, SEM, and PR outreach familiar concepts to you?

Are you seeking continual learning so you can do bigger things & take on greater challenges, and be rewarded for bringing in real results?

Do you get inspired by our Strategic Objective & Operating Principles?

If so, we might want you on our team.

We are hiring an Action- & Detail-Oriented eCommerce / Amazon Marketing Assistant

  • Start part-time and transition into full-time based on performance.

  • Flexible work culture. No bureaucracy.

  • Bring your ideas to life faster, start-up style.

  • Grow within our organization for bigger opportunities in leadership roles.

  • Freedom & control over your own time and schedule.

Why are we hiring?

Our consumer product eCommerce business has been growing really fast. With more roles to be filled, we need talented people to fuel growth, and to keep doing what we’re good at - build cool stuff that add value to people’s lives.

That’s why we are looking for a fresh addition to our marketing team so we can continue to kick-butt.

We are looking for someone to invest into in the long run. The vision is for you to grow with the company, and to assume more responsibility as the team grows.

What kind of tasks will you be dealing with?

In a broad stroke, you’ll be generating traffic, optimizing existing marketing processes, and discovering new opportunities.

Optimizing and testing various components of our marketing funnel, including our Amazon product page, customer feedback email follow up, Shopify store elements, and more.

Email Marketing
Using email marketing to engage with our existing customer base, as well as connecting with potential influencers, joint venture partners, and journalists.

Media Buy
Buying advertising on Facebook. Running retargeting ads.

Product Launch
Launching new products via Kickstarter and Amazon, through building pre-launch lists, researching PR coverage, contacting bloggers and journalists to pitch stories.

Discovering new marketing channels and opportunities we can tap into.

As a small and nimble company, we’re constantly growing and evolving, and we often have to wear different hats. There will no doubt be other projects you’ll be involved with in helping the company grow.

Who we are looking for

It’s OK if you don’t have ALL of the skills mentioned above. We will provide training resources. However, the below basic skills and values must be met:

Someone who is 100% fluent in written English
As written English is the foundation to success in a marketing role targeting North America, your written English needs to be at a native level. There cannot be any spelling or grammatical errors in any of your communication. You should also have a basic understanding or interest in western pop culture.

Someone who has superb attention to details
You are someone who pays attention to every little detail – not only in your work, but in everything you do, for example organizing your tasks and communicating your ideas.

Someone who has basic technical skills online
While you won’t be programming or designing images, you should have a basic understanding of the technical tools required to work in a virtual environment. You should have some knowledge of HTML, Photoshop, Slack, Asana, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP.

Someone who is organized
Organization is a big part of marketing success, so this should come naturally to you. Is your room organized? Is your life organized? Is your desk organized? If they are, you are probably the right fit.

Someone who is comfortable with numbers, math, data
A big part of marketing is in data analysis and interpretation. While you don’t need to be a math whiz, you must be comfortable working with numbers and looking at data sheets.

Someone who is a problem solver
We’re more interested in what the solution is, rather than the problem. When you encounter problems you do not stop, but rather immediately go into problem solving mode.

Someone who is honest and full of integrity
We will be fully dedicated to train you and bring you along for the journey, and we’ll be giving you the opportunity for massive growth. We’re investing in you, and we need you to invest in us.

Someone who is proactive and eager to take on responsibility
In a small business environment, things come up and problems need to be solved. If you are the kind of person who sits back and thinks “that’s not my responsibility” then please don’t apply.

Someone who is efficient
You’re able to get things done without wasting resources or time.

Someone who is eager to learn new skills
If you are comfortable with your existing skill set and don’t feel the need to learn skills completely outside of your existing competency, then please don’t apply. However, if you love learning and are always looking for a new challenge, this is the role for you. As the business evolves, your role will tend to grow as well.

Someone who genuinely cares about others
If you are the kind of person that genuinely cares about others, and give generously of your time and energy in helping others, then we want you on our team.

Looking forward to your application!


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