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All-Star Email Marketer [Full Time] [CLOSED]

Full Time 900.00 USD Type: Monthly

Email Marketing Conversion Optimizat... Analytics Analysis Email Management Strategic Planning

About the role

Exciting full-time project manager role at an email marketing company, with a chance to work on a wide range of campaigns, creating emails which are effective at selling to consumers regardless of the product. In this role, you will be creating emails, managing A/B split tests, and reporting analytics. It is crucial you know the techniques and tools needed to make an email marketing campaign successful, as well as the attitude and internal push to get your tasks done efficiently and on time. All work is fully remote – so you can work from anywhere.

Initial salary of $900/month plus a $400 quarterly bonus if you reach targets. There are also lots of opportunities for promotion. Someone who started in this role has had two promotions and two pay rises in the last year and is now earning $1300/ month plus quarterly bonuses of $700.

This is suitable for someone who is hard-working, who really wants to learn and grow, develop their skills, prove themselves and take on more responsibility.

You’ll be learning a lot. You won’t ever be just coasting along, but the wide range of topics and opportunities to showcase your work will keep you engaged and constantly working your skills. This is a demanding role, with tons of support to help you improve your skills.

You will be expected to take responsibility for studying marketing techniques to improve your skills every day. You will have access to dozens of top-of-the-line online training courses, daily coaching from the CEO and Operations Manager, and the chance to actually do the work, make some mistakes and learn from experience.

The role involves working with me (CEO) and Ivan (Operations Manager).

If you had been working with us for the last couple of weeks, these are a sample of some of the tasks you would have done:

  • Copy write creative welcome emails for new customers, custom tailored to the respective brand
  • Go through research from customer surveys to find the best ways to reach them
  • Set up email automation flows to reach customers at the most opportune times
  • Find and use photos that accurately and effectively show and sell the products to consumers
  • Checked, double checked and triple checked every step of the automated funnel to make sure everything is working properly
  • Anything else we needed doing

Tasks will be set up in our project management system, and need to be ticked off in there as well as announced in our Slack channel so we can keep track of what has been done.

We have detailed processes written up for how to do some of these jobs, and others may need figuring out. Whenever there is a task that involves creative problem solving, you will be expected to study how to do it, come up with options and get approval before implementing it.

We work a 40-hour work week and you get two weeks paid holiday every six months worked.

There will be a series of skills test and a trial period for the role to check that we are a good match for each other.

About you

We need someone who is:

  • Experienced working with email marketing – it’s crucial to know the steps taken in a successful emailing marketing campaign and the automated flow which helps connect our clients to new and old customers
  • Extremely organized – there are hundreds of tasks involved in building an automated marketing funnel, and you’ll need to be able to fulfill most of these tasks and make sure nothing gets missed or disrupts the pipeline
  • Hard-working – we don’t mess around here. We get a lot done very quickly, and it is crucial that our project pipelines run smoothly and on time to keep each business moving effectively and each customer happy
  • Intelligent and good at figuring things out – there are lots of creative hurdles to face when you’re working in online marketing. You will be expected to try and figure out the options before asking for advice. With that said, if you have looked over the problem and need a hand, we understand sometimes it takes another perspective to get to the right solution
  • Good at written and spoken English – most of our customers operate in English speaking markets and it is of the utmost importance the messages we are sending come out as fluent and easily understood
  • Available to work at least 6 hours each day. While the exact time isn’t that important, it is absolutely crucial you get your work done and respond to the managing directors within twelve hours of us reaching out to you
  • Ideally have 6 months+ experience with email marketing systems (but preferably also including Facebook Ads, landing pages, etc.)

About Us

Email For Ecom helps online businesses build automated marketing funnels to increase their profits. We are at the cutting edge of the latest marketing techniques, and merging that technology with existing email marketing philosophies to create improved conversion, returns and sales to customers.

We’re a really fun, fast-moving company. We work hard, and we reward our staff well for doing a good job.

We’re pretty serious when we’re working, but understand the need to let off steam when you’re not on the clock (however that may be for you)! As long as you get your work done, the rest of your time is yours.

How to apply


  1. Include a link to your CV on Dropbox or another file sharing system.
  2. Attach a screenshot of your internet speed (visit Speedtest.net)
  3. Give me an example of a self-starter roll you have worked in the past.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kevin Parady

Director / CEO

Email For Ecom

Email For Ecom

Here at Email for eCom, we work with business owners looking to improve their email platforms to increase customer bases, conversions, and revenue....

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