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JobRack was started after we realized that we, and most of our colleagues had great experiences working with people from Eastern Europe. But there wasn’t one place to find highly skilled and remote jobseekers from this part of the world.

We wanted to create a resource for entrepreneurs to find people like YOU to build a team and grow their business. In turn, we also hope to help jobseekers here find jobs. So far over 100 people have already found part- and full-time positions for companies in US, UK, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and more.

Now it’s your turn. Sign up on JobRack with confidence and find your next job!

Neil Napier
Founder and CEO
Neil (at) jobrack (dot) eu

How It Works?

The process is simple. You can register here as a jobseeker and start filling out your profile. This is crucial – many people take a short-cut and don’t link to their social media, portfolio or past experience. Don’t do that.

Here are 3 things you ABSOLUTELY MUST :

  • List your best projects and tell them why they are so good
  • List your current experience of working online/offline
  • List your availability and your required salary (this one is somewhat-MUST – it will help though!)

We run weekly training webinars for our jobseekers – almost all the jobs posted on the site have been filled by jobseekers who attend these weekly sessions.

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“Excellent JobBoard,It's really easy to find jobs and Companies are real and serious.”
Bekir Shala

“Your simplicity in work operation is really big benefits for users. Thank you for all your support.”
Sanel Hodžić

“The Jobrack site is great because there are many opportunities for various types of jobs, the number of applicants and employees are big and this site is better than other and because of that I would recommend Jobrack to my friends who seek for some kind of job.”
Ivana Velickovic