I light fires

Preferably in hearts. If necessary, under feet…

I see opportunities where others see obstacles. I have learned to use bricks thrown at me as stepping stones. I find amazing stories in seemingly ordinary things and people I meet every day. I can take something average and make it amazing. And I have finally discovered that success can be easy if you follow your heart, not your head.

I share how you can do all this, too, through my presentations, books, e-courses, workshops, retreats, RESULTant sessions, and social media.

This mind-shift not only puts you in charge of your own life, but also makes you an inspiration to those around you.

Nice to meet you! My name is Esther Jacobs. I am an international speaker, author and digital nomad.

The call me the 'No Excuses Lady' because I show my clients how to take control, no matter what the external circumstances are.

Looking forward to hear more about you.




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