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By getting involved with this project, you’ll be joining a team of highly regarded online marketers who have garnered a reputation for high quality, honest and trusted advice in the online marketing space - a rarity in this field!

You’ll also become part of the Authority Hacker family. This means you’ll be engaged and welcomed to our Slack channel with open arms and get the chance to discuss ideas have your input on day to day operations. You’re not just a freelancer, you’re part of the team.

Authority Hacker is an industry leading online marketing education company. Through our video training courses, blog and podcast, we educate beginner and expert marketers alike. We believe honest, actionable, process-driven marketing has the power to bring dreams to life.

We believe by giving people online marketing skills, we’re giving them the power to turn their dreams into reality. We've helped people to follow their passions, quit their jobs and live life on their own terms. Many of our 6,000+ students have taken their existing business to the forefront of their industries or had multi-million dollar exits. This is all possible thanks to our dedication to producing the best online marketing training out there.

We foster a unique workplace environment that allows consistent experimentation and creativity. Our team of A-Players continually challenge themselves to learn and improve. We want our people to grow with us, personally and professionally.

So if you’re ready for a challenge and want to work in one of the most exciting new fields of online marketing, apply to work with us today and change your life forever.

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