Is hiring college students a good idea? Eastern European Edition

Is Hiring College Students a Good Idea? The Eastern European Edition

If you have a startup or a small business, you may have already considered hiring college students as part-time employees. You may have even got a few student responses to your job posts.

Younger generations are motivated and tech-savvy, but is it really a good idea to hire college students?

You are probably reluctant to hire someone with little to no experience on their resume, since it’s harder to determine whether they’re capable of giving you the results you need. 

On the other hand, if you choose the right candidate, you can cut back on your expenses and still get a great remote worker.

In this article, we’ve listed the pros and cons of hiring college students to help you make the best possible decision for your business.

Pros of Hiring College Students

  • Hiring College Students Costs Less

The obvious advantage of hiring college students is that you’ll get to save some money. 

You obviously won’t have to pay them as much as you would pay experienced professionals. They are usually just looking for an opportunity to prove their worth.

Eastern European college students, due to lack of job opportunities, will be even more eager to leave a good impression and get a steady income.

  •  Flexible Hours

One of the best things about college students is that they’re willing to work part-time or on a project basis.

For startups, this is a major advantage.

For example, if you’re setting up a digital agency, hiring a graphic designer who will work on a project basis is a much better option then hiring a full-time worker. This way, you will pay them only when you actually have clients bringing in revenue.

College students are not only willing to work flexible hours – they are also able to do it without feeling stressed.

Statistics showed that 58% of Gen Z would work during the night and on the weekends if it meant a higher salary. 

It’s simple – younger generations are not that concerned with schedules. That’s why they are a perfect choice for remote work. Remote teams often need to work from different time zones, so you will want someone with as much flexibility as possible.

On the other hand, older generations are used to working 9-5 jobs. They might have trouble adjusting to a flexible schedule.

Gen Z working habits

  • College Students Are Tech-Savvy

It’s no secret that college students know how to handle new technology better than the older generations.

For remote work, this is important regardless of the position you’re looking to fill. The right tools are crucial for the success of any remote team, and you’ll need someone who knows how to make good use out of them.

College students are not only better at handling technology – they are also more familiar with the current culture. If you need someone to manage your social media platforms or provide interesting content, you will want to find someone young enough to keep up with the latest trends.

  • College Students Have Great English Skills

According to data from Language Education EU, younger generations in Eastern European countries usually have better English skills.

This is mostly due to the huge influence that the US popular culture has had on Eastern Europe in the last few decades. Another reason is that the fall of the Soviet Union resulted in English replacing Russian as a mandatory course in elementary and high schools in some of these countries, and most Eastern European students nowadays start learning English at a very young age.

If you want someone who will be able to efficiently communicate with your team, college students won’t let you down.

college students as part-time workers

Cons of Hiring College Students

  • Changing Schedule

While college students are motivated and tech-savvy, they do have other priorities. They will probably get a new schedule every semester, which means that they may request different working hours.

That’s why flexible working hours and part-time jobs are perfect for college students.

  • Lack of Experience

Although college students are highly motivated, don’t expect them to have a lot of previous experience.

For some roles, you’ll want to find someone more mature.

For example, if you need a skilled project manager to work with a large team, an experienced SEO specialist, or a great sales rep, you might want to find someone with a bit more experience.


In most cases, hiring college students from Eastern Europe can be great for your business.

They know the language, they are motivated and know their way with technology. Before hiring, always offer them a test task to make sure they’re right for the position.

While college students are a great option if you need someone for technical tasks, leave the more complex positions for someone more experienced.

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