Video Testimonials

Jonathan Green, Serve No Master

The absolute best place to find employees is JobRack. I've grown from two to 10 employees in the past six months, all through JobRack. The JobRack team are always right by my side when I'm hiring and I couldn't be happier.

John Ainsworth, Data Driven Marketing

Are you going to be alright getting direct feedback? Eastern Europeans are so direct it's fantastic. It has been astronomical for my business to work with my Eastern European team. Go for it, this is the place to be hiring from.

Glen Wilde

He began as a content manager which he was excellent at. He asked if he could experiment and start doing other things, he went through courses, summarised them for me and he's evolved into my Operations Manager. He's hired people under him, created SOP's and literally takes care of everything. It's amazing!

Dustin Overbeck, TownWeb

JobRack is my first place to look when I'm hiring technical talent. It's the mecca for good developers. They have really good soft skills as well as the technical side of things. It's worked out so great my first developer has been with us for the past three years.

Magee Clegg, Cleartail Marketing

It's been an awesome experience. Our Eastern European hires are interacting with our US customers including outbound calls over the phone which is great. Definitely go for it, try it out and see if it's a good fit for you.

Viola Eva & Brie Moreau, WLDM

We've hired content writers, outreach people and a bookeeper from Eastern European. They've been very proficient and very good for us. We got lots of applicants quickly which was great. The team are super independent, super driven and very focused, we love them!


Amanda Cook


Getting really strong applications - much much better than Upwork!

Jeff Fruhwirth

JE Real Estate Ventures

I want to say that I've really enjoyed using your service - it's been painless.

Paul Jansen

Jansen Web Concepts

With your help I found a very good employee. If I need more talent I'll come and find you again!