I took my mum clubbing in Ibiza

I took my mum clubbing in Ibiza

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I took my Mum clubbing in Ibiza last week

I didn't email you last week because, being super honest, I'm not organised enough to write these emails in advance and I'd taken my Mum away on a cruise around the Mediterranean with stops in Italy, Corsica, Mallorca and.... Ibiza.

Chatting with my Mum a few weeks before our trip I mentioned I was going to go to a nightclub while in Ibiza.... and that I'd be leaving her on the ship for the evening.

This didn't go well! With a look of dismay on her face she instantly responded with 'I'm coming too'.

I was literally like.... 'WTF - are you serious?!'

For context, my Mum is 64, is sensitive to flashing lights, has some mobility challenges and had a hip replacement earlier this year.

Spoiler pic: I took her. She loved it! This is her throwing some shapes to Martin Garrix (#1 DJ in the world) at Ushuaia, Ibiza!

My Mum does have history liking dance music.

When I was growing up we'd often be driving along, windows down, tunes playing up loud.

She encouraged me to get into DJ'ing and once suggested I buy a pirate radio station from a friend of mine (I don't think she realised just how illegal it was!!).

Anyway... we were headed to Ibiza.

And she really wanted to go clubbing with me.

Hmmm... this isn't exactly how I'd planned to spend my one night in Ibiza.

If you're going to do something..... do it right!

As I thought about this I realised this should be all about Mum.

I've got tons of opportunities to go to big clubs and dance the night away.

She's a lot less likely to become an Ibiza regular so I figured we should do it properly.

A few hits to the credit card later and I had two tickets for Martin Garrix at Ushuaia.

Two tickets for rooftop pre-drinks overlooking the club.

Meanwhile my awesome Executive Assistant, Poli, was on the case finding us transport to get us to and from the club without having to worry about finding a taxi.

Bonus tip: If you're like me and you like an early night but still want to go 'clubbing', clubs like Ushuaia that start at 5pm and finish at 11pm are perfect!!

How to give your Mum an awesome clubbing experience in Ibiza

Step 1 - Start at a rooftop bar with views over the sea and the club so she can see where you're about to take her.

Step 2 - Laugh at how the security staff at the entrance don't even glance in her direction while I'm getting a VERY intimate frisking.

Hint: If you want to take things into a club that you perhaps shouldn't.... a 64 year old with a crutch would be a perfect companion!

Step 3 - Smile and nod (and follow along) as your Mum uses her crutch to squeeze her way to the very front of the crowd right in front of the stage!

Step 4 - After dancing through the sunset with tunes playing enjoy the surprise, then the huge smile, on her face as 10 feet flames blast up right in front of her right as the beat drops!

Step 5 - Take a post clubbing picture as she says it's one of the best nights of her life. Right up there with seeing Barbra Streisand apparently!!

WTF has this got to do with hiring?

Honestly not a huge amount, although as ever there is something we can take from this as we think about leading our remote teams.

Making their day is absolutely part of your job description as owner, CEO or manager.

They're working hard for you.

They're focused on both their objectives and yours too.

They're crushing it to help you build the business and achieve the goals you want.

Making sure to encourage, reward and make their day is something that makes a huge difference when it comes to motivating the right people on your team.

When did you last make their day?

Think about when you last did something, even something small, to make their day.

This could be as simple as taking a moment to thank them for something specific.

Or sharing feedback about them from a customer or client.

Maybe it's giving them a small amount of money to get an ice cream, dinner or a drink after a tough week or as they head off on holiday.

Or maybe it's getting the full team together for a team retreat to work together, connect and plan the next stage of remote hiring world domination (maybe that's just me!?).

That's what we'll be doing next week as we head to Lake Ohrid, North Macedonia for our second team retreat.

I can't wait to get together with the JobRack team again, last time we did this it had huge impact for us, and was a lot of fun, so I'll keep you posted over the next few weeks on what we get up to.

It's not just your team you should be focused on

Making your customer's day is just as important.

What can you do to really wow them?

Show them how much you care?

There's so many businesses out there that don't seem to care.

That aren't personal.

That are faceless.

It leaves tons of opportunity for you and me to do things just a little bit differently!

Who's day can you make today?

Whether it's one of your team or a customer, or a partner.

Choose someone and send them a quick note of thanks.

Even this small act can make a huge difference... trust me!

Want to feel special and get help hiring awesome team members?

Making our clients feel special is super important for all of us here.

So if you want some help with your hiring and you're up for feeling special then we should probably chat!

Book in a Hiring Clarity call and let's chat through what you need from your new hire and the best way to get them.

Simply click the link and choose some time to chat: http://jobrack.eu/call

Happy hiring


PS. Fed up with the pain of hiring - we're here to take all the pain away!

We're always up for chatting about the roles you need and the right hiring approach for you. Simply click the link to book in your 30-minute hiring clarity call: http://jobrack.eu/call

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