JavaScript, Angular, UI/UX, Mobile engineer

Moscow, Russia


Full Time

Work Experience:

10+ Years


Government ID verified
Category Skill Rating
Back-end Data Modelling
Back-end Mysql / MariaDB
Back-end NodeJS
Back-end PHP
Back-end MongoDB
Back-end Python
Back-end Queuing Systems (Kafka, SQS, RabbitMQ etc)
Back-end Big Data (hadoop, Storm, Scribe, ElasticSearch)
Back-end CakePHP
Back-end Java
Back-end C#
Back-end CodeIgniter
Back-end Django
Back-end GOLang
Back-end Laravel
Back-end PhalconPHP
Back-end Ruby-on-Rails
Back-end Symfony
Back-end Yii
Front-end HTML5
Front-end Javascript Advanced (closures, anonymous functions etc)
Front-end Javascript basics (using plugins etc)
Front-end jQuery
Front-end Bootstrap
Front-end CSS2
Front-end CSS3
Front-end jQuery UI
Front-end Angular 1.x
Front-end Angular 2.x
Front-end BackboneJS
Front-end Ecmascript 6
Front-end SASS
Front-end EmberJS
Front-end Foundation
Front-end KnockoutJS
Front-end LESS
Front-end Materialize UI
Front-end MeteorJS
Front-end ReactJS
Front-end Semantic UI
Front-end VueJS
Other C++
Other C
Other F#
Other Haskell
Other Machine Learning (TensorFlow e.o)
Other Objective-C
Other R
Other Scala
Other Swift

PiXY - Multiscreen Browser Engine

Inventor, Developer

About Project:

A Browser that renders a split-screen web page view on multiple devices. Supports unlimited screen resolution and serial communication via Bluetooth.