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Video Editing & Motion Graphics for a Leading Facebook & Instagram Ad Agency (We need your creativity!) [CLOSED]

Full Time

Salary: Negotiable

Video Marketing Adobe Photoshop (Gra... Video editing


We’re a leading Facebook & Instagram advertising agency specializing in direct response marketing. We’re always testing new ideas and refreshing proven concepts which means we have an appetite for creative work.

  • We run a lot of campaigns so steady work awaits those who deliver (details below).
  • We handle 100% of the customer interaction.
  • Expect way less back-and-forth on revisions then typical client facing work (often zero revisions).
  • Open to part time work to fill in your schedule.

About this role

As a Creative Producer you’ll be developing creative assets for Facebook and Instagram ads. Your work will largely be informed by one of our Creative Strategists, but it’s yours to execute. In other words, your creativity is welcome and needed here. We’re always looking to test new ideas, styles, and concepts.

A great Creative Producer has an eye for design, is playfully creative, and is able to generate new concepts while keeping one foot on the brand’s style guide.

The wins for this role

  1. Delivers fresh creatives while remaining true to the brand
    1. Able to come up with and execute multiple concepts for a message.
    2. Able to maintain key brand identity while also striving for fresh ideas to test.
  2. Able to create and deliver templatized assets
    1. Able to create a template that helps to execute numerous things across a brand
    2. Able to use templates effectively to create fresh assets
  3. Eye for design
    1. Ability to develop eye catching creative assets with a professional look & feel
    2. Intuitively knows when something is right without the need for endless tiny revisions (we only correct stuff that can’t go out, we’re not THAT client).
    3. Knows when to stop (we’ve got a lot of other work to do too  ).
  4. Organized executor
    1. You are disciplined with your workspace including file names, asset storage, etc.
    2. You always know where to find things and put things back where you found them (so to speak).
    3. You’re able to work within the conventions our creative team depends on.
  5. Reliable team player
    1. Do what you say you’re going to do when you said you would do it.
    2. Great communicator (written and video chat).
    3. Able to thrive in a remote “Slack based” environment.

Specialty: Video Producer

Here’s what the “wins” look like for our Video Producers…

  1. Great eye (and ear) for video edits
    1. You can make recommended cuts to a video and make everything sound good. You don’t need to be spoon fed every instruction – you just know what it needs.
    2. Able to apply basic graphics that look professional.
  2. Creative eye for adding motion to still images
    1. Given an image you can come up with on-brand ways to add motion and enhance the message.

Video Producer Qualifications

  • Able to work in Adobe products including:
    • After Effects
    • Premiere
  • Basic video editing skills
    • Cuts, simple edits, and adding or removing bumpers and branding
    • Add graphics and basic animations (think “dancing bottles” and eye catching stuff).
    • Change aspect ratios and maintain quality
  • Motion graphic design skills in After Effects
  • High quality written communication

Applicants: 9

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