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Technical SEO Specialist [CLOSED]

Part Time 25.00 - 40.00 USD Type: Hourly

SEO On-Page SEO Technical SEO SEO Audit

About the company

Sagashi Labs is a boutique SEO consultancy that works with top Silicon Valley tech companies, including OpenSea, Shogun, and more. We focus on B2B, ecommerce, and SaaS clients. We also have internal projects, as well as creating data-driven and interesting technical content. It's a small team, and we're focused on building systems and processes to run a scalable business. We value attitude, attention to detail, and being proactive.

About the role

We are seeking a motivated SEO Technical Specialist to handle Website Technical Audits, technical evaluations, technical investigations, and site setup. You’ll also assist with the execution of some technical tasks. You’ll be working with and reporting directly to the owner, Christian Thurston, as well as our inhouse project coordinator. Initially, we expect this role to take 10-20 hours a week, growing to more hours as we scale up. The best case scenario, and our goal, is to scale up quickly and have you working close to full time hours.


  • Conduct technical and onpage audit of client websites cover items that we have on our checklist.
  • Can analyze and spot issues in a website’s architecture, and explain what they are.
  • Can analyze and spot key issues and create focused recommendations with the onpage setup of a website.
  • Produce Google sheets that outline all of the technical issues, explains them, assigns a rating for impact, investment to fix, and prioritization.
  • Produce Google slide decks, according to a standard format, to show your key findings for a technical audit.
  • Create short call preparation summaries for the owner so he can rapidly prepare for client delivery calls.
  • Draft short delivery emails that explain the key items in an audit, and link to the relevant audit documents.
  • Participate in client delivery calls that may be in USA, or Australia, with time zone flexibility to be able to attend these calls.
  • Can discuss and set clear deadline expectations that are consistently maintained for all of the items above.
  • Is able to balance technical knowledge with pragmatic recommendations for users that move the needle. Is thoughtful and realistic in this area.
  • Can do audits of varying lengths from a short, quick and dirty audit, to a fully comprehensive look at a website’s setup.
  • Can create, maintain, and continuously improve SOPs in Notion to document our auditing process.

About you

Role requirements

  • Significant technical SEO experience, 3 years or greater.
  • Familiar with the key auditing tools and standard SEO tools in the space.
  • Has experience working with different types of sites including SaaS sites with marketing pages, b2b services sites, ecommerce sites, and large listing websites, among others.
  • Proactive mindset with a willingness to take initiative and drive improvements.
  • Availability between 9am and 5pm Sydney time to accommodate client calls and meetings.

Who you are

There are core values we expect in all of the folks we work with:

  • Great attitude
  • Sets realistic deadline expectations and sticks to them vehemently
  • Service mentality – this means doing things like including all of the relevant links in emails you send so that you save the recipient time from digging to find the relevant information
  • High attention to detail – this is incredibly important
  • Proactive about improving your work habits, knowledge, and professional growth – that means you embrace suggestions for improvement and implement them

What's in it for you?

  • Competitive rates - USD$25 - $40 an hour, depending on experience and background
  • Work from home - save time from not commuting.
  • Smaller businesses have closer teams, and less bureaucracy and nonsense than larger businesses.
  • We respect the truth, and getting the right answer, more than flashy presentation and fluff

How to apply?

Please respond to each item below in your application.

The basics

  1. Place the word “Kyoto” at the top of your application so that I know you’ve read this far.
  2. Confirm you have ~2 hours overlap for at least 4 working days per week with 9am - 5pm in Sydney, Australia, time zone.
  3. Let me know how many hours per week you’re currently available.
  4. What your current work situation is. For example, do you have a day job and do this on the side? Are you a full time freelancer? etc. (2-3 lines maximum).
  5. Where in the world you are based, and what hours you're usually available in both your time zone and Sydney time zone.

Role specific

  1. Tell me about your technical SEO background and experience. Let me know the tools you typically use (2-3 lines maximum).
  2. Tell me what type of sites you have experience auditing, and if there are website types in particular you more experienced with (2-3 lines maximum).
  3. What are your favourite tools that you use for auditing?
  4. Let me know if you’re willing to do a short, paid trial project as part of the hiring process
  5. Please let me know if you have any programming or STEMs background, or experience.

Shortlisted candidates will be given a short, paid test project. From there we’ll select folks for interviews or work trials.

Sagashi Labs

We provide SEO services for clients, as well as building our own internal assets (affiliate websites).

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