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Social Media Manager for a PE Fund (Long-term) [CLOSED]

Full Time

Salary: Negotiable

Social Media Marketi... Facebook ads Adobe Photoshop (Gra... Social Media support... English - speaking English - writing

We are looking for an all-star social media manager who's looking to work remotely, from the comfort of his/her own home, and as a part of a team. 

Let's start with the requirements:

  • the person should be fluent in English with perfect grammar skills
  • should be reliable and available in the euro time zone
  • needs to know how to properly research a niche to find influencers, other relevant blogs, potential partners, etc.
  • needs to understand how to use Trello, Slack, and Google Drive (easy)
  • needs to know how to use Photoshop/similar software
  • easy-going and laid back is a plus/fits with our culture

Now, here some of the responsibilities:

  • Growing and managing social accounts for our main business site (Alpha Investors) + all the other businesses we own (we buy/sell online businesses quite often)
  • We'll focus mostly on FB, TW, and, potentially, IG
  • Creating and designing posts/videos/pictures
  • Replying to people's questions, responding to comments
  • Joining other groups where our target audience spends their time & engage with them
  • We'll add stuff to this list as the time goes on


Send me a message, including at least answers to the following:

1. Why you are a great fit for the job. Please include your social media management experiences.

2. When are you available to work?

3. What hourly rate or salary are you looking for? (Please convert rate in USD)

Applicants: 21

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