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Sales and collections US$1000/week (US$500/wk plus commissions)

Full Time 500.00 USD Type: Weekly

Sales Representative

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If you want to make US$1000 a week or so, and you have great communication skills and a gift of gab, this is for you.

Important: Read this entire description BEFORE responding please.

I'm looking for someone who loves helping people, making money by solving problems on the go. People who recognize opportunities and know how to utilize them at the fullest...You will be selling and collecting via phone and email and text messages. You will be providing customers with support and help also.

You must have a good computer, good Internet at least 200bps and a good headset. We provide a login to our platform for actually making the calls and answering them and notes and so forth.

Working hours are business hours in New York City, 9am - 10pm or in that range, which probably means late at night where you are, very late indeed...if you are in Serbia for instance, this would be 3PM - 4AM.

And we have some weekends too.

You need to have perfect English very easy for a native American to understand. You must have a 100% reliable work ethic. You must be the kind of person who loves to help. You are money motivated, you have a gift of gab and can persuade people to do just about anything in their interests.

About us: We sell to men in a niche to help men with sex problems, diabetes, heart disease and more. Our products are on-line classes and nutritional supplements via a sister company. And we even manufacture in our own plant in the USA.

We sell only to MEN, and many products are of a sexual nature (around ED for instance) so you have to be cool with that. They are in the health areas primarily for better health and a better sex life.

We are a very successful company in business since 1996 and we have team members who have been with us for 15 years or more.

We start pay at US$500 per week, PLUS commissions. This can go up also. You need to be making US$3000 - US$4000 per month (salary plus commission) to stay here. Commissions are paid monthly on the first Monday after the close of the previous month, but the US$500 is paid every Monday via wise.com.

In order to make sure we get candidates who are committed, and to judge compatibility…

…I ask you to respond by completing the application. When you do, you are asked to please provide 3 recent books you've read, and a sentence of two on each. And provide 3 accomplishments, professional or personal, you are most proud of. And provide 3 questions for me about the job. Also provide a resume and tell me in a few paragraphs why you would be ideal for this job. If you don't respond this way I am sorry that I won't be looking at you as a serious candidate. This is ESSENTIAL.

Important note: We do NOT allow any AI answers. We have an AI detection system and if you are using AI we will not consider your application. I want to hear from you, not ChatGPT.

I will be sending you some more questions, and a few tests to take (all free of course) if you seem like a good candidate.

I'll be teaching you how to sell and collect. You don’t need prior experience in this at all because we’ll train you.

Our process for hiring is this: once you send me a (properly completed) response, I'll be asking you a series of questions and inviting your questions. I'll be having you do some free tests. If you pass all that, we'll have a few back and forths and then you'll be hired. Could be in a few days.

Now it's your turn!

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Calworth Glenford LLC

We are a publishing company and we sell nutritional supplements. In business since 1996. Many of our workers (contract people) have been with us fo...

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