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Recruiter / Candidate Librarian [CLOSED]

Full Time 1400.00 USD Type: Monthly

Recruiter / Candidate Librarian

Update: An earlier version of this ad required candidates to be based in the EU. This requirement has been relaxed to be simply "in Europe".

We need an organized geek with flawless English to talk to and select candidates from our large database of computer programmers one-on-one, and to review incoming CVs. No existing recruitment experience is required (although it can't hurt). Make sure you read careully the part of this ad about how the interview process works before you apply.

This is a full-time contract position, we're expecting it to be your primary profession, and for you to put in ~37.5 hours a week during EU work hours.


You treat our candidate database like a library of treasured books, and provide a friendly human interface to searching it. You regularly email or Tweet at our candidates, making sure they remember we exist and that our data about them is up-to-date.

Our developers are a diverse bunch of people, and you are comfortable with all of them. The guy with the mohawk who tells you his favourite hobby is knitting, Abdul who wants to use they/them as personal pronouns, Ngozi who left her friends and family in Lagos and is rocking it as a JavaScript developer in London, and Bob who lives in the suburbs with 2.4 children. You can connect with and charm them all.

You're active on Social Media, and you follow our candidates there. You read their blogs, and you care about what they're up to. Did one of our candidates write an awesome blog post or tutorial? You'll use your company account to retweet it.


  • You'll need to be able to produce flawless, native-level, business-professional English emails. You'll also need to have excellent spoken English
  • You need to be resident in Europe, with an existing right-to-work in whatever country you're in
  • You will need excellent internet access; work is performed via a virtual desktop, and it'll drive you nuts if you're trying to work off slow internet

Who We Want

  • You're exceptionally well organized, and you're the kind of person who's used a business project-management tool for personal projects before; you're conscientious and if we give you something to do you'll try and knock if out of the park because if something's worth doing, it's worth doing well;
  • You should be a huge geek. You’re not a programmer but you’ve probably looked at an introduction course to HTML/CSS before. You have opinions on different Star Trek series and you have a long list of SciFi book suggestions;
  • You love people, and you're welcoming of all sorts of people. Our developers are a diverse group, and you should be able to connect and build rapport, with all of them;
  • You’re intellectually curious. A mandatory (paid) part of your job is going to be learning new skills by taking classes (see Benefits, below)
  • If you have existing experience working with developers or working as a recruiter, we'd love to hear about it!


  • We have a strong (and mandatory) culture of learning and development, and we're not messing around. You'll get an unlimited Coursera account and you'll get a (paid) day a week to study. There are two or three required courses everyone needs to take and there's a whole bunch we've enjoyed and would recommend you take, but otherwise we'll work with you to find areas where your interests and professional development intersect
  • As you'll be a contractor, you won't technically get paid holiday, but the way we setup our contracts mean you'll be able to take a healthy amount of time off without disruption to your income
  • While this is a full-time role, we're able to work with flexible schedules -- need to pick the kids up at 3pm each day? Want a three hour lunch break so you can train for an ultra-maration? Not a problem.
  • We're experienced people managers; the owners have experience running large in-person and remote teams, and we're able to provide a supportive and professional environment for you
  • We're explicitly committed to a work environment that feels welcoming and inclusive for people of any gender-identity, nationality, religion, sexuality, or ethnicity; we do have requirements for country of residence for some of our roles, so please do double-check that

How the interview process works

These steps are sequential, and each one is contingent on the previous step being passed

  • When you click "Apply" here you'll go through to a special form to apply for this role. Please write three short sentences about what you like about the job, and include the word "badger", all in lower-case so we can see you read it; then
  • We’ll send you a simple list of tasks that will take you about ten minutes to complete, but are a test of how good you are at following instructions; then
  • We’ll ask you for some written answers to questions as a test of your English and to find out a bit more about you including asking you for a CV and your LinkedIn, which we think will take you ten to thirty minutes; then
  • We’ll ask you to record a 3 minute video introduction answering a couple of questions to find out a bit more about you and as a test of your English; then
  • You’ll have a 30m call with our Operations Director where you can ask any questions you have about the role, and to go through your work experience; then
  • A final interview with the leadership team for about 30m; then
  • You’ll join the team!

Open Source Careers

We are a recruitment company focused on computer programmers. We work all across the EU, the USA, and Australia.

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