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Phone Support Base+ commission up tom$4000/month total or more [CLOSED]

Full Time 400.00 USD Type: Weekly

Sales Representative

We are a US-based company that has been in business for 26 years. We sell health products to men, some that help with sex and others with diabetes and other problems. We also sell colognes and dietary supplements, all made in our sister company's US-based factory in Saint Louis, Missouri.

You must have a HUGE interest in alternative help, maybe in dating and such, and have en openness to helping people heal with natural solutions and to improve their romantic prospects.

And you must be money motivated.

I don't care if you are not already doing sales. I can train you on sales IF you are the person we are looking for. I prefer to train actually, so if you have done support and other roles and would love to get into sales, read on.

Big Note: Read this ENTIRELY. I will not be replying to any messages received on JobRack.eu. You are asked to respond a certain way, and if you don’t, you won't be considered for the position and will be wasting your time.

Okay? Thank you!

You'll be speaking to customers in the USA mostly, and you need to be excellent at talking to people and have perfect English. We will train you on sale skills.

You will be doing collections, sales and some support, you'll be helping to save deals, avoid cancellations, upsell and cross sell and collect money.

We have a tracking system for sales you make so it is easy to see how many saves you made, refunds you helped avoid, products you sold, etc.

And it never gets boring — there are lots of things to do.


  • Are great at talking to people
  • Speak perfect English
  • Want to start at US$400 /week paid weekly, PLUS commissions added on. Base of US$400 is paid Mondays via Wise.com and commissions are paid after each month for the previous month.
  • You should be earning $2000/month commissions on top of your $400/week base.
  • Willing to work various 8-hour shifts including 8 am - 10 pm NEW YORK time, that means it is probably afternoon and nighttime for you. Willing to pitch in a few hours on weekends too.

We look for people who want a career. We are not interested in people who jump from job to job. And you must be SMART. You will be given an IQ test. We want super smart people who can think fast, and are fast. That is super important. If you are smart you will LOVE this job.

Some people have been with us for 15 years.

In order to get serious people, I ask that you email me at myrelationshipcoachmatt @ gmail.com (remove the space before and after @ once you copy the email address)

Subject line should be “I want the sales and support job please”. And one thing – do NOT use AI. Use your own words. I run your answers through an AI detector and I don't want your responses that are written by AI.

Include why you are interested, relevant experience, 3 books you have read recently and one or two sentences about the 3 books, your resume, and 3 questions you have about the job.

If you don’t reply this way I won’t be reading your email. The purpose is to filter out people who just send their info without thinking things through.

You can see one of our websites at https://www.dailymedicaldiscoveries.com

This is your opportunity to mould things and be a person who creates new processes and new ideas.

Good luck!


—Richard Geller

Calworth Glenford LLC

We are a publishing company and we sell nutritional supplements. In business since 1996. Many of our workers (contract people) have been with us fo...

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