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Personal Assistant & Marketing Associate [CLOSED]

Part Time 7.00 - 9.00 USD Type: Hourly

Social Media Marketi... Sales Representative Wordpress

Fulcrum Music is the company behind psychedelic dance music producer and performer Kukaro. We are looking for a permanent part-time Personal Assistant & Marketing Associate (15 hours per week to start) to learn and grow with us and become a key member of our team. Learn more about us at www.thekukaro.com

You will support our founder Will Sacks directly and the Kukaro team in growing the reach and influence of our live dance music band Kukaro.

You will do this through social media marketing, PR, reaching out to reporters and blogs to cover new releases, reaching out to venues to book shows and tours, setting up sync licensing accounts, working with agents and managers inside the music business, and managing facebook ads, pages and messaging to interact with our fans and grow our fan base.

Tasks will include managing facebook messages and ads, communications with musicians, booking agents, managers and venues, organization and logistics to keep everything organized. This role is part operations manager/assistant, and part marketing & sales.

Success in this role will come with raises and more responsibility over time. Applicants must have perfect written and spoken English and be able to work and be online between the hours of 6p and 9p GMT.

In addition to monetary compensation you will also benefit from being immersed in the world of music and art. You will make connections in this world, and potentially be invited to go on tour with the band.

What's In It For You?

  • Help to grow the reach of positive music and positive vibrations
  • Work in the music industry, make connections
  • Permanent part time role gives you security month-to-month, with significant upside earning potential as we grow
  • Room to grow in salary and responsibilities over time
  • Be immersed in the music industry
  • Mentorship from our team
  • You will be a critical part of our operations, the "front line" person handling fan requests and managing social media outreach to get our message out to the world.
  • Free Kukaro swag!


We are looking for someone with the following skills and experience

  1. Experience promoting music and helping musicians grow their audience
  2. Experience as a personal assistant or similar
  3. A love & passion for music and Kukaro’s music


(Please note, training will be provided for all the tasks below).

  1. Take the lead on responding to fans in a friendly supportive tone.
  2. Take the lead on creating our content calendar and managing and posting content every day to grow our audience.
  3. Take the lead in managing our Facebook page, Instagram page, YouTube channel, and TikTok channel to grow our audience.
  4. Take the lead in planning and promoting new releases, submitting music to playlists, managing our marketing database of connections, crafting press releases, setting up calls, interviews or podcasts for Will.
  5. Take the lead in setting up the Sync Licencing side of our businesses, creating accounts with sync sites & databases, and managing sync opportunities.
  6. Take the lead in managing musicians in the band and organizing practices and gigs
  7. Take the lead in contacting studios for session guitar work and other networking.


The right person will have the following skills and attributes:

  1. Orientation Towards Learning and Constant Improvement. Oriented towards self-directed learning. You take the lead to learn what you need to know in order to produce a result.
  2. Excellent Written and Spoken English. Must have the ability to effectively communicate in a professional manner with fans, other musicians, and industry professionals. Your English must be indistinguishable from someone who grew up in the USA. This is very important for this role.
  3. Integrity. Proven ability to do the right thing for long term relationships and long term success.
  4. Detail Oriented. Ability to keep track of and organize the details of our affairs so things keep moving forward.
  5. Joyful Spirit. Easy and fun to work with. Can-do attitude. Expectations of creating something grand and succeeding.
  6. Pre-framing & Positioning. Demonstrated ability to sell or promote products or services in a way that gets people excited. Ability to warm up fans and get them excited about our music & projects.
  7. Social Media Marketing. Proven ability to use social media effectively to grow an audience.
  8. Technologically Literate. Ability to use technology well and learn new technologies quickly, including Wordpress, wordpress plugins, Asana, and Facebook Business Manager.

Day to Day Tasks

This is what a common day in this role will look like:

  1. Start the day by going through incoming communications and any new tasks assigned in Asana.
  2. Provide Will with a daily audio briefing over Voxer and also in Asana so he knows about anything that needs his attention today.
  3. Review our editorial calendar and make sure everything is lined up and ready for posting
  4. Post content on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube and monitor to respond to comments, etc.
  5. Edit content created by Kukaro to get it ready for posting
  6. Network on social media to find other accounts that might be interested to partner with Kukaro to promote content and build followers.
  7. Organize emails and respond to fans and social media comments in Kukaro’s tone.
  8. Work on booking upcoming band practices with musicians, and upcoming shows with venues and talent agents.
  9. Work on moving sync licensing opportunities forward.
  10. Check the performance of facebook ads and record metrics and adjust as necessary
  11. Check the performance of our community in the Streetteam app.
  12. Schedule Will to write or create content when we are running low.
  13. Reach out to studios about session guitarist work and respond to opportunities.
  14. Send Will an end of day briefing so he's up to date at the end of your work day.

Tools & Apps

Some of the technologies we use at Fulcrum Music:

  1. Slack for day to day communications
  2. Asana for task management
  3. Google workspace email and calendar for time management
  4. Wordpress & Squarespace for hosting our website
  5. Voxer or What's app for audio messaging
  6. Google docs for keeping track of information, processes and Standard Operating Procedures
  7. StreetTeam for fan generation and management
  8. Active Campaign and Mailchimp for email marketing
  9. Distrokid for distribution
  10. Spotify for Artists for managing Spotify pages and pitches, etc.

To Apply:

To apply please record a quick unscripted video of yourself on your phone telling us about yourself and why you think you would be a good fit and send to +1 615 608 1738 over WhatsApp.

(Important: Please do not write and read a script in your video, we want to hear your natural english. Any applications that include reading from a script will be immediately deleted. Please do not worry about production value. Please keep videos under 2 minutes)

We look forward to meeting you.

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