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(part time) Marketing Manager for Software Company [CLOSED]

Part Time 500.00 USD Type: Monthly

TeraTech is seeking a talented individual to help create and manage all our marketing, attracting ideal prospects to us like moths to flame!

You will create, manage and lead other staff to create brilliant, professional and effective marketing campaigns. You job success will be measured on the number of Qualified Leads we receive from our target market and how many Intro phone calls are held by Sales as provided by your team. (No, this is NOT a sales job. No individual phone calls, emails or texts to prospects. That is the sales person’s role.)

You are creative, enthusiastic and get stuff done.

About you:

  • You are a creative person who is passionate about implementing effective marketing campaigns.
  • You are a genius at getting other team members to perform their best and beat their job metrics.
  • You live and breath GTD and get shit done on schedule every week.
  • You love tasks to be organized and clear and change anything that is not to be that way pronto.
  • You have a natural curiosity that drives you to learn, research and investigate.
  • You have done some amazing work to date and are certain your best work is still ahead of you.
  • You have an irrepressible joie de vivre that permeates your work and elevates it from good to great.
  • You know that great marketing is the result of both your spiritual side and your practical side.
  • You are good at working remotely, working smart for results and working reliably.
  • You love to get results and track different marketing approaches obsessively to optimize your campaigns. You have a secret romance with numbers and statistics that makes this part of the job fun.

Are you an Ideal Candidate for Marketing Manager?

You see both the big picture of a TeraTech’s marketing goals (strategy) and can execute on the details (tactics) via a team. You love using and learning new marketing technology from CRMs to email marketing software. You are out of this world at getting results from other people doing the work details. You have organized marketing and managed people before. But not necessarily in the same position or the same way we do things. We will train you as needed in specific tech and methods.

About Us:

TeraTech creates amazing custom software for medium-sized US businesses using the ColdFusion programming language. Our teammates are spread all over the world from US, Mexico, Europe and SE Asia. We ran the international CFUnited conference for 11 years and have several books in the works this year. We are the most well-known company in this niche and have been in business since 1989.

I am ready, tell me about the Job Details!

You will start part-time (20 hours per week). That is 4 hours per day, Monday - Friday. Overlap one day per week with US Eastern timezone for meeting with President.

Monthly salary $500 USD/mo (working part-time).

Here are the tasks you will do:

  • Weekly meetings with you team members to solve challenges and help them keep to their metrics. Ad hoc help and monitoring via basecamp.
  • Weekly meeting with company president to help solve your challenges and keep you to metric (number of Qualified Leads delivered to sales)
  • Monitor results and costs from all marketing methods in a spreadsheet.
  • Implement marketing campaigns using tools and staff to get the work done. You don’t have to do the Writing, Lead Generation or Graphic Design - other team members do that for you. You give them bullet points on what needs doing and follow up with them to make sure it is done right and on time.
  • You are a quality control freak and ensure that only professional quality materials are seen by potential prospects and clients.
  • You brainstorm content and marketing ideas that will attract even more ideal prospects for TeraTech.

Here are some of our existing marketing campaigns you will run and radically improve with your superhero marketing powers:

  • Lead Magnets - to capture email addresses of ideal prospects.
  • Trip Wires - the next step in our value ladder where an ideal prospect purchases a small item, building trust on the way to becoming a future client.
  • Cold and Warm email sequences - set from a smart autoresponder to move prospects up the Know, Like, Trust path. (Note that you would not be writing these emails yourself, instead you would hand the work to our Writers and manage the quality).
  • Physical mail - postcards, lumpy mail, promotional gifts which we send to prospects and clients as part of a nurture sequence.
  • LinkedIn and Facebook Ads to get ideal prospects to our Lead Magnets.

As a marketing technical wizard you will

  • Update contact details in CRM & Marketing Automation Software.
  • Add new contacts from our Lead Generation Star to our Cold Email Sequences.
  • Update a spreadsheet Dashboard to show Campaign Effectiveness and Costs each week.
  • Manage email marketing and CRM software.
  • Add content to our WordPress blog and website.
  • Build Lead Magnet / Landing pages in WordPress.
  • Post interesting content to our Facebook and LinkedIn pages using Buffer.
  • Post ads to Facebook and LinkedIn and monitor their performance.
  • You either already know how to A/B test ads and landing pages, or you will learn how to fast using your super-human learning powers!

Things that you do not have to do in this job:

  • You will not reply directly to prospects or clients via email with sales related info. We have a salesperson who does this.
  • You do not need to be a writer for this job. We have Writers who can do this.
  • Ditto for graphic design, video editing, and audio editing
  • Ditto for finding lead contact details.

To apply for an interview with our fun company, please reply back with the two items below:

  • Start your cover message with "My favorite marketing method is “ and tell us what it is and why?
  • How do you develop and maintain your abundance mindset every day?


TeraTech creates amazing custom software for medium sized (i.e. 50-500 employees) US companies, using the Adobe ColdFusion programming language, to...

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