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MSSQL Developer

Full Time 4500.00 USD Type: Monthly

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Gompels Healthcare Ltd is a family-run wholesaler based in Melksham, Wiltshire, supplying various businesses across the UK with great value products and speedy Next Day Delivery.

With over 50 years of experience, they started by serving Care and Nursing Homes and have expanded their offerings to cater to Children's Nurseries, Schools, Dentists, Caterers, and more. Despite significant growth, their core values and commitment to exceptional customer service remain unchanged. With a vast range of over 3000 products, Gompels is a trusted one-stop shop for businesses, consistently providing over 98% product availability every week!

The team at Gompels Healthcare Ltd is dedicated to creating an amazing work environment that is friendly, focused, and fair. By supporting and collaborating with one another, they foster a committed team that values respect, challenges each other, and enjoys the process of getting the job done. By joining Gompels, you become part of an extraordinary family-run company where everyone is valued, and everyone works together towards a common goal – to be the very best for their customers!

📚 Self Learning: 🌱

Be open to try new things, learn new skills, and look for new ideas in the world around you. Be ambitious.

📢 Clear Communication: 💬

Share expectations and communicate a clear direction. Be open-minded and actively listen to others.

💪 Flexible Approach to Work: 🤝

Work as one team and approach every situation with a positive can-do attitude. Don't be afraid to try new things. Never say "It's not my job!"

🌟 Exceeding Expectations: 🚀

Take time to make a real difference. Strive to be the best.

🔥 Being Challenged - Challenging Us: 🤔

Compare ourselves with the very best, ask questions, make suggestions, and try new ideas. Respectfully challenge decisions if you disagree, but once a decision is determined, commit to it fully.

📈 Continual Improvement: 🔄

Always search for a better way to improve on existing standards and the customer experience. Fix the problems, not allowing them to flow through the process. Be careful not to sacrifice long-term values for short-term gains.

💪 Trust Yourself and Each Other: 🤝

Use your experience and instincts, and those of the people around you. Be confident, make decisions, knowing you have the support of your colleagues.

As an MSSQL Developer at Gompels Healthcare, you will play a crucial role in the maintenance and development of the Gompels Warehouse Management system and other internal programs. Your expertise will be instrumental in enhancing the internal systems, improving efficiency and in turn improving the customer experience, driving more sales, and creating innovative tools to better assist the customers. Your projects will include developing the warehouse management system, including a new automated packing conveyor, development of the company’s Android picking app and a new Android warehouse management app. In the office, projects may include developments to the internal complaints system and the writing of and migration to a new accounting packing.

📋 In this role, you will:

🌐 Develop and enhance the company’s Warehouse Management System and other internal systems

📊 Drive efficiencies in the company’s internal systems, saving time and improving customer experience

🏢 Develop an accounting package to migrate away from the company’s restrictive off-the-shelf package

🔧 Develop new administrative tools to support the team and optimise customer support.

🚀 Contribute to projects that prioritise customer satisfaction and improved service.

During your onboarding process, you will work closely with Sergey, the company’s MSSQL developer and directors, to get acquainted with the company’s existing setup and ongoing projects. You'll dive right into your first project, delivering tangible results for the team. Gompels Healthcare values efficiency and impact, so you'll be given the opportunity to contribute from day one.

This is a full-time role with standard office hours from 8 AM to 5:30 PM UK time. Gompels Healthcare expects the majority of your working hours to align within this timeframe, ensuring optimal availability for both the customers and the team. For the right candidate, this position can also be considered on a part-time basis.

To excel in this role, you need:

🗝️ At least 3 to 5 years of experience in a commercial environment as a Dev.

🌐 Proficiency in Microsoft SQL, crafting complex queries, and Stored Procedures.

📜 Experience with .NET Core and Object-Oriented Programming.

🛠️ Experience with Git for version control.

Brownie points for:

🌐 Knowledge of IIS (Internet Information Services) for web server management.

📦 Experience with DACPAC (Data-tier Application Component) for easier database deployment and management.

🐇 Familiarity with RabbitMQ message broker for efficient communication between distributed systems.

🖥️ Proficiency in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS for frontend web development.

💻 Hands-on experience with PHP7 / PHP8 for server-side scripting and web application development.

As an ideal candidate for the MSSQL Developer role at Gompels Healthcare, you are thorough, accurate, and possess a keen eye for detail. Thriving in a fast-paced development environment comes naturally to you, as you remain composed and adaptable in the face of challenges. Your strong focus on achieving results right the first time reflects your dedication to delivering work of the highest quality, making you a valuable addition to a team that strives to create exceptional solutions for customers. You’ll want to partner for the long term, grow with the business and play a fundamental part in its long-term growth. If this sounds like you, go ahead and apply!

What’s in it for you?

  • $4500 per month*
  • Full-time & fully remote
  • Opportunity for visits to the UK Head Office
  • Growth and learning opportunities

*Please note that this is a gross salary and that you are responsible for any tax-related procedures in your country of residence. We kindly ask you to apply only if you are happy to work remotely as an independent contractor.

This position will be closed as soon as we find the perfect match. So, make sure to read the description carefully and take your time to submit a high-quality application that stands out.

JobRack has been contracted by Gompels Healthcare to support them in their hiring process on their behalf.

As part of this, the JobRack team has gained a full understanding of the needs of Gompels Healthcare and will review, filter, screen and test candidates in line with this.

Candidates that best meet the needs of the employer will be submitted as part of a final shortlist. Feedback will be provided throughout the process.

At the request of the employer, the applications for this position must be submitted through JobRack and direct contact with the employer is not desired. If you have any questions, please contact JobRack at sandra@jobrack.eu

If you apply, JobRack will respond promptly and keep you updated throughout the process.

Please expect the hiring process to include:

1 - Filling in the application form once you click “Apply”

2 - Upload your CV

3 - Short interview with a technical recruiter

4 - Coding test, if short-listed

5 - Attending video interviews with the hiring company where you will have the opportunity to talk more about your previous experience and the new role

Please note that this is a full-time position as part of the team, requiring 100% commitment, this is not a side job/freelance/part-time and therefore you should be intending this to be your primary and only full-time job/commitment.

If you are found to be attempting to work multiple full-time roles without the knowledge of your employer your employment is likely to be terminated and you will be banned from applying to other jobs from our site.

– Only candidates from Eastern Europe are eligible to apply –

To make sure you receive updates on your application please add sandra@jobrack.eu to your email address book.

Got questions about working remotely? Check out JobRack’s FAQ for answers to everything you might want to know.

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Gompels Healthcare

Gompels Healthcare Ltd is a family-run wholesaler based in Melksham, Wiltshire, supplying various businesses across the UK with great value product...

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