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Marketing Manager- DC Flooring

Full Time 2500.00 - 3000.00 USD Type: Monthly

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Join the revolution in industrial and commercial flooring with DC Flooring! They are not just a company; they are a family-run organisation with a forward-thinking approach and a sterling reputation for delivering top-notch services. DC Flooring is committed to setting new standards within the industry, offering unparalleled advice, quotations, and flooring solutions tailored to the client's needs and budget.

As a company, it has grown significantly over the past few years, consistently delivering excellent work, which has seen it rapidly expanding the team and refining its processes. Their ultimate aim? To become the biggest industrial flooring company in the South of England.

The dynamic team, based in Basildon, Essex, covers various roles from estimators and contracts managers to fieldworkers. They are proud of their culture, described as "collaborative, friendly, and easy to get along with." 🌱 DC Flooring encourages and trusts everyone to take ownership of their roles, leading to quality work that speaks for itself.

DC Flooring is more than a workplace. It is a family-run company where long-term commitment is common, with many staff members staying with the company for over 15 years.

Ready to join the DC Flooring family? If you're looking for a supportive environment where your ideas are valued and your efforts are recognized, then DC Flooring is the perfect fit for you.

📣 🚀 The team is on the lookout for a dynamic and innovative Marketing Manager to join the DC Flooring family!

💼💡In this key role, you'll build brand awareness, drive new business, and create effective communication channels within the rapidly growing company. As the business ventures into new territories, you'll play a critical role in shaping the burgeoning marketing department, putting your unique stamp on strategies.

🎁 The excitement of this role lies in the opportunity to join the business at a time of rapid growth. As DC Flooring focuses on the new SEO strategy, they are expecting a massive surge in website traffic, creating an exciting opportunity for you to be part of the successful expansion.

🔑 Your three main responsibilities will include:

1️⃣ Content Creation - Producing a range of informative digital materials such as e-books, case studies, product sheets, and presentations.

2️⃣ Social Media Management - Implementing a well-planned strategy and ensuring regular posts on relevant platforms.

3️⃣ Project Planning - Directing the team on what's needed in terms of videos, pictures, and information, and ensuring these are followed up on.

You’ll work closely with the Managing Director, Executive Assistant, Contracts Managers, Fitters, and the outsourced SEO company. You'll be the go-to person for all things marketing, orchestrating the flow of information and coordinating the production of high-quality content directly from the sites.

More specifically, within this role, you will:

  • Collaborate with the management team to set strategic goals and identify key priorities for the company.
  • Determine necessary resources and establish efficient communication lines for effective job execution.
  • Use your expertise to guide the team in designing the role to achieve long-term objectives.
  • Contribute to strategic planning, defining where DC Flooring wants to be as a company and what its major priorities are.
  • Work closely with the team to determine the long-term vision of marketing efforts and establish a strategy to achieve these goals.

DC Flooring is committed to supporting you in your role and providing you with the necessary training and resources. They’ll also encourage you to get familiar with the ethos of "They Ask, You Answer" by Marcus Sheridan, aligning the SEO strategy with the same.

DC Flooring is seeking a positive, proactive individual with a knack for creativity and fluent English. Someone who can bring a friendly disposition to the team, who communicates effectively, especially in a remote working environment, and who regularly updates the team on their achievements.

To excel in this role, you, therefore, need to have:

  1. Approximately 5 years of experience in a similar role, ideally with a solid track record of achieving results comparable to what DC Flooring is aiming for.
  2. A high proficiency in English which ensures effective and clear communication.
  3. Demonstrable experience in designing attractive and concise digital content. While DC Flooring doesn't mandate a specific design tool, familiarity with Canva would be beneficial.
  4. Practical knowledge of Google Adwords as you'll be entrusted with running and tracking the ad campaigns.
  5. The ability and willingness to create video/digital content beneficial to the company, including internal training videos or manuals.
  6. Experience with SimPRO and Hubspot, while optional, would be a plus.

Your biggest assets in this role will be your creativity, excellent communication skills, and your ability to get along well with the team. DC Flooring values proactive updates and open communication, especially as this role is fully remote. They are excited to welcome someone who will not only meet their needs but will also contribute their unique perspective and ideas to the team.

What’s in it for you?

  • 💰 Competitive salary ranging from $2,500 - $3,000* per month.
  • ⏰ Full-time employment.
  • 🌐 Flexible working hours provided they align with the team's operations (BST timezone).
  • 🏖️ Annual leave entitlement of 20 days plus bank holidays.
  • 🤒 Provision of 5 paid sick days per year.
  • 📈 Opportunities for departmental growth and potential management of new staff aligned with business growth.
  • 💵 Annual salary review in line with performance.

*Please note that this is a gross salary and that you are responsible for any tax-related procedures in your country of residence. We kindly ask you to apply only if you are happy to work remotely as an independent contractor.

This job opening is actively seeking the perfect candidate and will close once found. To ensure your application is considered, take the time to carefully read the job description and submit a high-quality application that stands out.

JobRack has been contracted by DC Flooring to support them in their hiring process on their behalf.

As part of this, the JobRack team has gained a full understanding of the needs of DC Flooring and will review, filter, screen and test candidates in line with this.

Candidates that best meet the needs of DC Flooring will be submitted as part of a final shortlist. Feedback will be provided throughout the process.

At the request of DC Flooring applications for this position must be submitted through JobRack and direct contact with the employer is not desired. If you have any questions, please contact JobRack at: jasmina@jobrack.eu

The hiring process for this position will include the following steps:

  1. Completing the application form on JobRack.
  2. Recording a short video introduction of yourself.
  3. If shortlisted, completing test tasks.
  4. Attending video interviews to discuss your previous experience and the new role in more detail.

Please note that this position requires 100% commitment and is not suitable for those seeking a side job, freelance work, or part-time employment. It is important to only apply if you intend this to be your primary and only full-time job. Any attempts to work multiple full-time jobs without the knowledge of your employer may result in termination and a ban from applying to other jobs on the JobRack site.

– Only candidates from Eastern Europe are eligible to apply –

To make sure you receive updates on your application please add jasmina@jobrack.eu to your email address book.

Got questions about working remotely? Check out JobRack’s FAQ for answers to everything you might want to know.

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DC Flooring

DC Flooring was established in 1999, since then we have been supplying and installing quality flooring throughout the UK. We pride ourselves on being...

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