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Marketing Manager [CLOSED]

Full Time 1500.00 EUR Type: Hourly


Hey, Noel here from JobRack!

We’re growing our team and looking for someone who is enthusiastic, hard-working, highly organised and problem-solving to run our marketing.

This fully remote role is a great opportunity for someone to really develop and progress their marketing skills and take on more responsibility as we grow.

This role is about creating lots of useful content plus SEO, social media, partnerships and more.

Full support will be provided when you first start working with us, including training in how to do each thing you work on.

About the role

Exciting full-time marketing manager role, with a chance to work on exciting projects, prove your value, learn new skills and make good money. All work is fully remote - so you can work from anywhere.

Salary is negotiable depending on your experience. We can pay between ‎€1000/ month - ‎€1,500/ month. Plus you get a quarterly bonus of half a month's wages if you reach (realistic) targets. There are also lots of opportunities for promotion. Other people working here have had up to two promotions and three pay rises in the last year.

If you're currently at a more junior level but you're super passionate and want to gain experience fast then we want to hear from you, and if you're already more experienced then we're willing to pay the higher end of the salary range.

This is suitable for someone hard-working, who really wants to learn and grow, develop their skills, prove themselves and take on more responsibility.

You’ll be learning a lot. You won’t ever be comfortable just coasting along. This is a demanding role, with tons of support to help you improve your skills.

You will be expected to take responsibility for studying marketing techniques to improve your skills. You will have access to dozens of top-of-the-line online training courses, and coaching from the CEO and other team members. You'll also have the chance to actually do the work, make some mistakes and learn from experience.

The role involves working with me (CEO), our Operations Manager and the rest of the team.

If you had been working for us in the last couple of months these are a sample of some of the tasks you would have done:

  • Write a blog post

  • Share content on social media

  • Reach out to podcast hosts to set up podcast appearances for me

  • Edit a confirmation page

  • Setting up email automation

  • Found photos for an ad campaign

  • Set up partnerships with people from my network to run webinars to their audience

  • Checked results from our Google Ads and got our Google Ad agency to improve them

  • Checked results from our Facebook Ads and worked with Vlad (our Facebook Ads expert) to improve them

  • Checked, double checked and triple checked every step of an automated funnel to make sure it’s working properly

  • Edited pages on our website to match our SEO strategy

  • Edited testimonial videos from our clients

  • Helped book a venue for our annual conference

  • Anything else we needed doing

We use Wordpress, ClickFunnels and Active Campaign for our marketing. So any experience with this is great (though not required).

Tasks will be set up in our project management system, and need to be ticked off in there so we can keep track of what has been done.

We have detailed SOPs (standard operating procedures) written up for how to do some of these jobs, and others need figuring out. Whenever there is a task that involves figuring something out you will be expected to study how to do it, come up with options and get approval before implementing it.

We work a 40 hour work week and you get four weeks paid holiday per year.

There will be a 3-month trial period for the role to check that we are a good match for each other (fully paid of course).

About you

We need someone who is:

  • good at relationship building

  • extremely organised – there are hundreds of tasks involved in marketing, and you’ll need to be able to manage all of these tasks and make sure nothing gets missed

  • hard-working – we don’t mess around here. We get a lot done very quickly. You will need to as well.

  • Intelligent and good at figuring things out – there are lots of problems to solve when you’re working in online marketing. You will be expected to try and figure out the options before asking for advice.

  • good at written and spoken English

  • an ok writer - (there is a copywriter and copy editor to support you)

  • available full time

  • 2 years + experience with content marketing (including blogging, social media, webinars, email marketing, etc.)

  • Likes to have a laugh - we mess around quite a lot as well as working hard

You don't have to have experience in all the parts of the role, but the more you have experience with the better.

About Us

We are a platform dedicated to connecting high quality Eastern European remote workers with awesome companies and jobs. We’re passionate about helping our clients find the best talent in Europe that will help them grow their businesses

We’re a really fun, fast-moving company. We work hard, and we reward our staff well for doing a good job.

We're pretty serious when we're working, and very silly the rest of the time.

Culture is important to us. We value curiosity, taking action, playing the long game, and bringing your full energy to work. Our goal is to create a drama-free and supportive work environment where you can do your best work.s.

How to apply?

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I look forward to hearing from you,



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