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JobRack Growth Manager [CLOSED]

Full Time 10.00 USD Type: Hourly

Social Media Marketi... Facebook ads English - speaking English - writing

Hello there!

JobRack is currently seeking to expand the team with a Growth Manager position, in charge of our sales channels, as well as finding the best opportunities and close deals.

This is a fully remote, full-time position in a team working from different parts of the world including the Philippines, and Eastern Europe, whereas I am based in Finland. It doesn’t matter in which time zone you are currently based in, as long as you make it to our daily meetings that are a must to attend.

I must also add that most of our clientele comes from the US and UK, so you will inadvertently end up working somewhere between 7 am and 5 pm et/NY. Flexi-work is highly recommended.

Your ideal experience:

  • Previous experience in a sales & marketing role

  • Existing lead generation experience,

  • Experience talking to CEOs of small companies on phone

  • Experience in Social selling (via Facebook and Linkedin)

  • Some knowledge of online marketing (cold email, autoresponders, paid traffic, content marketing, etc.)

The specific skills we are after:

  • Exceptional written & spoken English

  • Cold calling

  • Negotiation skills

  • Strategic prospecting skills

  • Time management

  • Resilience and persistence

  • Unafraid reach out to new customers and or partners

  • Familiarity with running an online business

The soft skills we’d very much appreciate:

  • Ambitious, outgoing, action-oriented

  • Not a first-time remote worker

  • A strong service mentality

  • Analytical way of thinking

  • Self-reliance and ability to handle day-to-day tasks on your own

  • Comfortable working in a completely remote team

  • Positive outlook and approach to work and life

You will also need:

  • Knowledge of Facebook Ads Manager

  • Familiarity with project management tools

  • Familiarity with photo editing tools (such as Canva)

  • Strong command of Google Sheets and Google Docs

How your work day would look like…

Your working day will start with carefully planning out places and contacts you will outreach to generate most leads.

You will also be communicating with potential clients daily using different channels such as Facebook pages and groups, Linkedin contacts and groups, email, forums, etc.

Upon identifying a good lead that could use JobRack’s services, your task would be to turn this warm lead into a closed deal and bring the sales up.

We are looking for a high-quality team member who would be prepared to evolve this position into serious strategic work that will strengthen our position in the digital streams.

As you already know, you will need to be in the trenches with our potential clients, and we’d need you to help us create a bond between our company and them.

These are the things you’d be rated on as a Growth Manager on a monthly basis:

  • How many leads have been contacted,

  • How many opportunities have been created,

  • How much revenue has been brought with the help of your work,

  • How many existing customers have renewed or leveled up their package?


You would start with 7 USD per hour for 40 hours of work each week ($1,120 per month). Maximum - based on experience - for this position is $10 USD per hour for 40 hours of work each week ($1,600 per month). If you are up for the challenge, compensation can be even higher with commissions earned.

The salary will vary and depend on your current experience.

Have you found yourself depicted in the posting above?

Then, don’t hesitate to write me a brief letter about why you think you’d be a great fit for this position. Also, please attach a portfolio of your previous sales and lead generation accomplishments (increased revenue, targets met, growth, etc.”.).

To successfully apply, please start your letter with “Hi Neil, I want to help JobRack grow.”

The strongest candidates will be contacted about the further steps of the selection.

Looking forward to reading your application!

Neil Napier


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