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Human CRM - Data Entry Administrator - High Attention to Detail - Part Time [CLOSED]

Part Time 20.00 USD Type: Hourly

Data Entry

I am looking to hire a hyper-conscientious administrator, part-time. You will be a one-person team responsible for researching sales leads, reading my emails to see which emails I've sent and to whom, recording that information, and harassing me to make sure I send emails when I'm meant to. Internally we have been calling this role a "Human CRM". My business is recruitment consultancy, and we are a 100% completely legitimate and above-board company -- you will be making the world a better place, rather than dealing with some shady internet marketing scam.

Must-have skills:

  • Ability to understand written English well
  • A terrifyingly complete attention to detail
  • Be based (anywhere) in the EU

The role will take approximately 2 hours a day, and we'll pay $20 USD an hour for that. There will be days when there is literally no work to do, and days when you'll need to work 6 hours, but very little of the work is time-sensitive. This would be a good job for a stay-at-home parent who needs some extra cash, but we'll accept anyone who can get through the interview.

The interview process works like this. You'll need to follow the instructions below to the letter. They should take you less than 5 minutes. If that works, we'll send you a task that takes one hour to complete. If you do well on that, we'll give you some work to do that will take you approximately ten hours, and we'll pay you $200 to do that.

Here's the first task. You need to email humancrm.oxp483 AT zapiermail.com with the exact subject line "I am a human CRM", without the quotes. Any variation on that, and we'll automatically reject your application. In the body of the email, please:

  • Confirm the country you live in. IT MUST BE IN THE EU.
  • Research what would be some sensible times for a person in Bangkok, a person in London, and a person in Plovdiv to have a phone call, on October the 28th. Include a guess as to why I chose that date
  • Summarize in exactly five sentences the plot of Romeo and Juliet

NOTHING ELSE is required at that stage. Don't attach a CV, don't tell me about your experience. I just want the three bullet points above! A computer will read your email, and reject it if the title doesn't match.

Open Source Careers

We are a recruitment company focused on computer programmers. We work all across the EU, the USA, and Australia.

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