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[FULL TIME] Seeking Marketing Assistant with Excellent English Skills to Join Our Fast-Growing Team [CLOSED]

Full Time

Salary: 1000.00 USD
Salary Type: Monthly

Email Marketing Copywriting English - writing

Hi There,

My name is Dana and I run a lead generation company called Legendary Leadgen - 

We work primarily with other marketing agencies to help them reach out to their ideal clients and set sales appointments. We do this primarily with targeted outbound email campaigns AKA cold email.

We've doubled our client size in the past six months, and my project manager needs some assistance in helping him with the strategic side of running the campaigns and writing/editing the campaigns templates. Don't worry, we'll be training you on all of the elements that make up a successful campaign. 

It's very important though that you have a very high level of written English. You don't need to be a professional copywriter, but you should be able to write at a near-native level of English.

Some details about the job:

- Fully remote - work from anywhere, but we keep mostly European work hours
- Be part of a team that prioritizes results over time worked - you're not with us to sit in a chair for a set amount of hours, you're with us to produce results for our clients
- Majority of our team is based in Romania, so bonus points if you speak Romanian
- You'll have direct control over our client's campaigns, so you'll always be able to get satisfaction of seeing the campaigns you've set up have a positive effect

What we're looking for in an applicant:

- Near native level of written English - you don't need to be the world's best copywriter as we'll be training you how to write copy for this style of email - but you do need to write like a native English speaker, as the people reading your email templates will be
- Marketing minded - Ideally, you should be the type of person who gets excited to split test things and see the results, as it's something you'll be doing a lot of
- Seeking a long-term position - We are seeking a long term team member, not just someone for short-term contractor-style work
- Located in Europe - Most of our team is located in Eastern Europe

To apply, please do the following things:

- Use the word "coconut" as the first word of your application
- Confirm you're available full time
- Please provide a range of salary you'd be seeking for a full time position ( quoted in Euro or USD)
- Please give a brief description of your past work in marketing
- To get an idea of your writing style, please provide a short paragraph describing your favorite vacation you've taken or favorite destination you've visited.

We will then get in touch to begin the interview process if we feel you'd possibly be a great addition to our team.

Thanks and look forward to reading your applications!

Applicants: 16

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