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Digital Marketing Project Manager [CLOSED]

Full Time 3500.00 - 4000.00 USD Type: Monthly

Social Media Marketi... Affiliate Marketing SEM Email Marketing SEO Content Marketing Project Management Business Plan Creati... SEO Strategy

About the company

Terma Project focuses on building and scaling digital brands within the technology sector. We primarily engage with digital brands looking for growth, partnership, or exit opportunities. It was founded in 2021 and is based in New York. We are a remote company with several business assets. We own 3 businesses and are currently expanding. Our team is in the US, South Asia, and Europe. 

Last year, we invested our efforts and resources into growing our businesses and optimizing our teams. This year, we are all about revenue growth.

We have a team of 15+ people who share the same values - accountability, ownership, and critical thinking. We help each other grow and thrive and grow our businesses together.

Now, we are looking for a new team member. This is a multifaceted role, and you can think of it as a “glue that will bring everything together.” You won’t be alone! There’s an amazing management team to support you on your mission to manage the team and implement digital marketing strategies.

Here's What We Do and Where We Need YOU

• Content marketing and SEO - We grow online traffic with the help of content marketing, social media, and SEO (writing, optimizing, posting, and automating content production with the help of AI).

• YouTube growth and optimization - We have a YouTube team and dedicated SEOs who are growing a YouTube account. We want to grow revenue from our YouTube channel, so some experience with YouTube is necessary.

• Ads and affiliate revenue - We earn from online ads and affiliate commissions on our content websites, so our 2024 goal is to increase this online revenue by growing traffic and our affiliate network.

• Social media and brand building - We grow our businesses on social media, especially Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram. This year, we want to expand our social media presence, work more on promoting our content, and collaborate with influencers.

• Paid advertising - our service business uses paid advertising for lead generation, so we collaborate with external agencies and specialists here.

• Email marketing - all of our businesses already have or need to have an email marketing strategy to grow the subscriber list and improve open rates and visits to the website so that we can have better performance. There's a huge emphasis on growing this.

• Custom development and AI work - for some of our businesses, we use LLMs to create our own pieces of content, and we use chatbots to engage with our customers on the website. We have a development team that works on these solutions.

About the role

What you will do

  • Have clear strategies for growing all 3 businesses in 2024.
  • Use digital marketing to optimize and scale.
  • Collaborate with external contractors and agencies, and report to management.
  • Manage content, SEO, and development teams.

Your main project management responsibilities are:

  • Planning, scheduling, and executing new marketing campaigns and projects
  • Keeping track of the project timelines and budgets
  • Collaborating between cross-functional teams (development, content, SEO, management, and external contractors (VAs, admins, social media, and video VAs)).
  • Tracking KPIs and revenue growth
  • Interview and hire contractors and new talent for specific roles (based on the budget and marketing campaigns)
  • Track progress and team performance
  • Have weekly team meetings and create weekly schedules for the teams

Working Hours: Full time with an overlap of 4 hours Eastern Time (ET).

About you

You need to have 5+ years of experience in:

- digital marketing management (experience with marketing strategies, tracking and measuring KPIs)

- SEO (white hat only SEO, familiarity with keyword tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush; Google Search Console, GA4)

- content marketing, including managing content creation (video, blog posts, images, Pins, stories, ebooks, educational content).

- email marketing (grow and utilize email lists)

- paid advertising (have basic experience with paid advertising and manage contractors who execute this work)

- brand building (have experience with brand building on social media, engaging with communities online)

- team organization (we use ClickUp, Slack, and Google Workspace to organize our work.) We need you to organize weekly tasks and follow-ups, prepare and outline strategies, monitor weekly, monthly, and quarterly KPIs, and keep management informed about the progress and process improvement).

What's in it for you?

Competitive salary: Start earning a monthly salary of $3,500-4,000*, with a chance for a raise after six months.

Global work flexibility: You can work from anywhere in the world as long as you're based in Europe.

Opportunities for growth and salary increases: As you improve your skills and take on more responsibilities, you'll have the chance to earn more.

PTO: Enjoy 5 paid vacation days, 5 paid sick days, 3 paid personal days, plus your local/religious/cultural holidays.

Long-term employment opportunity: We're looking for people who want to grow with us long-term, offering stable jobs for those committed to our future.

Be part of a global, innovative team: Join a team that values flexibility, innovation, and ethics, creating a supportive and team-focused work environment.

Shape the future of digital brands: Make a big impact in our quest to change the digital world, helping with innovative strategies and top-notch digital marketing projects.

*Please note that this is a gross salary and that you are responsible for any tax-related procedures in your country of residence. We kindly ask you to apply only if you are happy to work remotely as an independent contractor.

How to apply?

The hiring process for this position will include the following steps:

  1. Send your resume and a short cover letter highlighting your experience. In the cover letter, please describe your dream job and what you look for in a job.
  2. Recording a short video introduction of yourself.
  3. If shortlisted, complete test tasks.
  4. Attending video interviews to discuss your previous experience and the new role in more detail.

To ensure your application is considered, take the time to read the job description and submit a high-quality application carefully. This is a diverse role with lots of moving pieces. Please note that this position requires 100% commitment and is not suitable for those seeking a side job, freelance work, or part-time employment. It is important to only apply if you intend this to be your primary and only full-time job.

The interview process will take a few weeks, as we are looking for our new full-time person to grow with us and have an amazing experience!

Terma Project

We build and scale digital brands of the future.

We provide capital, build proprietary technology, and leverage our operat...

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