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Digital Marketing Manager - Full-Time , Long Term Growth Position (Fun Niche) [CLOSED]

Full Time Negotiable

Email Marketing SEO Analytics Analysis Content Marketing Research Wordpress English - writing

Are you tired of jumping from client to client, never really getting a chance to take full advantage of your skills?

Are you looking for the opportunity to be a key part of a real, long-term business? A business you can help grow and promote along with it?

If so, you've found your dream job.

I'm looking for an honest, reliable, hard-working, operations manager to run a popular Wordpress website of mine. (Ideally for years!)

You will be responsible for all aspects of website management, automation, monetization, and growth.

Highlights of the Position:

- You'll be able to enjoy the security of longterm, full-time work. No more freelance projects :)
- The opportunity to be a part of a real, growing business.
- Autonomy over when and how you work. No micro-managing.
- You get to be a key player of an awesome team and communicate directly with the founder.
- You will help shape the direction and growth of the business.
- Your ideas will be heard and utilized.
- You will be encouraged to grow your skillset.
- You'll be rewarded with perks, bonuses, and promotions for outstanding performance.

Position Responsibilities:

- Content Generation, optimization, and quality control: Content idea generation (our writer writes the articles), keyword research, competition research.
- Email List Management: Manage all aspects of list content, growth, and subscriber organization.
- Technical Website Audits: Speed, Errors, Formatting, Search Console, ect ...
- Content Audits: Duplicate content, cannibalization, engagement, traffic, analytics, ROI, ect ...
- Competition Research: In-depth web research, implementing tactics to reach performance goals.
- Writing SOP's: Documenting repetitive tasks.
- Provide Weekly Reports: You will provide weekly (documented) reports describing current focus, wins/losses, budgets, ect ...
- Provide written monthly reports to review and plan.
- General problem-solving with minimal supervision.

Title your cover letter "Hot Stove" so I know you read this.

See Full Job Description Here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12R87bL4h60aE0jxRtihO7_3y8nxJ63h0RLvyn8ZYtGU/edit?usp=sharing

Compensation: Starting $10-$13/Hour (Based on skill set, experience, and performance)
Schedule: 32-40 Hours/week

*This is a 3-month trial position. At 3 months, we'll perform an evaluation. Based on your performance we'll decide on new responsibilities and any changes in compensation. The better the business does, the more we both prosper :)

*You must available for full time-time hours. No other client work.
*You must be available for an on-going, long-term position. Ideally, this position will last for years.

About Me:

I've been running an online business for 9 years. I'm easy to work with and I ALWAYS pay on time.

Make me your BEST offer.

Hiring Process:

1) Short interviews.

2) Competency tests (I will give you 1-3 quick tasks to assess your proficiency in different skills).

3) Final interviews with final 2-3 candidates.

Lake House Media, LLC

Lake House Media, LLC is a small online business aimed at solving specific problems for individual users. We use organic search traffic and email f...

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